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  "There must be new contact between men and the earth; the earth must be newly seen and heard and felt and smelled and tasted; there must be a renewal of the wisdom that comes with knowing clearly the pain and the pleasure and the risk and the responsibility of being alive in this world."
  -- Wendell Berry

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Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC
Ecological Building Network
First International Conference on Ecological Building Structure
Environmental Technology Center at Sonoma
U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Building Technology
The Gaia Group sustainable architecture
European connection for green builders
Building a House on Limited Means -
Homestead master listing of resources
Building Industry Search Engine
Living Homes - Thomas J. Elpel's Field Guide to Integrated Design and Construction
Sustainable Sources Online
U.S. Green Building Council
Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas    Newsletter archives
Environmental Building News
EPA's Energy Star Buildings and Green Lights Partnership
City & Shelter - AGORA21    (French) 
Intentional Communities on the Web
Vastu sacred architecture
Primitive Living Skills Links
Contemporary Living Skills
Defining Rural Sustainability, Fifteen Criteria for Sustainable Developments in the Countryside, U.K.
Masonry Heater Association of North America
The Good Life : Helen and Scott Nearing's Sixty Years of Self-Sufficient Living
Dr Hassan Fathy, recipient of the Right Livlihood Award 1980, one of the outstanding architects of his generation in Africa, demonstrating that it is possible to build for the poor and teching people to build for themself.  Fathy established the International Institute for Appropriate Technology in Cairo to develop and apply his approach. See  Hassan Fathy Archives

  Passive solar design

Energy Extension Service, New Mexico State University
A Simple Design Methodology for Passive Solar Architecture
Design with Climate, solar
Publications from EESNMSU
Passive solar design  California Energy Commission
Indirect gain and Trombe walls
Direct gain
Transpired solar collector
Guide To Products & Services, commercially available, no endorsements

   Earthen architecture & papercrete

Plymouth school of Earthern Architecture, UK
Adobe architecture at NMSU
Adobe Journal
Earth Materials at Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Earth-sheltered design at Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Technical information on earthen building
SouthWest Solar Adobe School
Rammed Earth Work,  modern earth construction techniques
New Mexico Adobe and Rammed Earth Building-Code
Making The Building Code Work For Cob
Groundworks - Cob information and workshops
The Cob Cottage Company
Building with Papercrete and Paper Adobe
Earthship Off-grid home
Earthships-resources, designs, and workshops
Cast earth
Paul McHenry, School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico -  "I have dedicated my architectural career to the utilization and encouragement of traditional building materials and methods"
Earth Building Foundation - "Accurate technical information on earthen building (adobe and rammed earth) is needed to show how this material really works. It is not now readily available to the people who need it, but The Earth Building Foundation can fill that need. Architects, engineers, planners, building officials, and owner builders need to have knowledge of this of this forgotten building art to meet the future" - Paul McHenry


Straw Bale Construction Information
Straw Bale Construction Information

Surfin' Strawbale - The source for strawbale construction links
The Last Straw - Strawbale and Natural Building newletter/journal
British Strawbale Building Association
Straw Bale Association of Texas
Straw Bale Construction Association New Mexico
California Straw Building Association
Surfin' Strawbale Links

   Stone, cement

Ferrocement & Ferrocement Primer
Slipform Stone Masonry
Cellular concrete products
Insulated formwork products

  Timber, cordwood

Timber Framing Magazine Online
Joiner's Quarterly & Fox Maple School of Traditional Building
Log home links

   Code & other

Building Code Alternatives - Short article on techniques some have used to deal with the code for their natural buildings
Engineering, Alternative Materials, and Sustainability
Sustainability and the Building Codes
Dealing With Alternative Construction Methods Through Performance Based Building Codes
Monolithic Domes
Monolithic Domebuilders source
Constructed wetlands
Building Industry Search Engine
Gardening and landscaping greywater designs
Greywater info at Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Clivus Multrum composting toilet
Toilet Alternatives:   References and Suppliers
Composting Toilets in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Rainwater harvesting sources
Builders Foundation Handbook

Solar Hot Water, Heating and Cooling Systems  in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Photovoltaic Systems   in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Gas Water Heating Systems  in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Energy Recovery Ventilator  in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Energy Efficient Appliances  in Greenbuilder Sourcebook

   Healthy house--toxics

The Healthy House Institute Archives
Paints, Finishes and Adhesives  in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Home Sweet, Energetic, Non-Toxic Home Living Without magazine
Environmental Building News
Environmental Health Clearinghouse offers fact sheets on various health issues or specific chemicals, and questions related to indoor air quality, MCS, etc.
Vaastu Shastra / Feng Shui


Electro-Magnetic Fields   in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
Bridlewood Bibliography on Electromagnetic Fields and Health
Bioeffects and public policy
Wave-Guide library


Original Whole Earth Catalog, Special 30th Anniversary Issue by Stewart Brand (Editor), Peter Warshall (Editor)
Many building resources and books at Global Ecovillage Network
The Alternative Building Sourcebook : Traditional, Natural & Sustainable Building Products & Services
Complete Book of Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding
Ferrocement Water Tanks and Their Construction
Build a Classic Timber-Framed House : Planning and Design, Traditional Materials, Affordable Methods by Jack A. Sobon
How to Shit in the Woods by Kathleen Meyer
Complete Book of Underground Houses : How to Build a Low-Cost Home by Robert L. Roy, Rob Roy

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