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Caldicott, Helen Helen Caldicott, M.D. at
Audio Files
  (see nuclear, health)  
Cambodia Cambodia geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
The Cambodian Genocide Program. in English and Khmer.
Derechos Human Rights in Cambodia
Cambodian Women's Development Agency
  (see Asia)
Cameroon Cameroon geography, demographics, economy, modern history -to 1994
  (see Africa)
Canada See Canada page
cancer prevention Cancer Prevention Coalition  
The Politics of Cancer, Samuel S. Epstein, M.D  
Cancer causes alerts  
Silent Spring Institute
Alarming News on rBGH--IGF-1 Increases Cancer Risks
  (see toxics, health)
Cape Verde Cape Verde geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Africa)
Capra, Fritjof Capra home page physicist and systems theorist and director of the Berkeley Centre for Ecoliteracy, author of three international best-sellers, including The Tao of Physics and The Turning Point.
Books and articles, the interdisciplinary systems view of life
MINDWALK - a film for passionate thinkers - very unusual film in which a group of characters expound Capra's ideas at length
  (see ecology, philosophy)
capitalism SEE   rp.gif (56 bytes) globalization
Caribbean Black history in the Carribbean
  (see Latin America)
Carson, Rachel Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring , The Sea Around Us
The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson
Bio at Ecology Hall of Fame
Rachel Carson Institute
  (see environment)
Cascadia Cascadia Planet, Oregon Cascadia Bioregion
Cascadia Times
Cascadia Media Collective Cascadia Media Collective
Caspian Sea Pro-American military-political blocs around Caspian liven up - Russian site 
Big Oil - Big Lies -US involvement, Russian site 
  (see oil, Balkans, Russia, intelligence)
Cassini space probe Flyby News  also The Preservation of Space Act of 2001
  (see nuclear)
catastrophe 20 Ways The World Could End
Doomsday Clock, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
catastrophism, in planetary history Catastrophism & Chronology Links at Society for Interdisciplinary Studies  -
Castro, Fidel SEE Cuba page
Catholic SEE Vatican
CATO Institute CATO Institute articles, commentary on civil liberties issues
  (see civil liberties)
Cayce, Edgar Association for Research and Enlightenment
The Edgar Cayce Books World Database: Home Page
Edgar Cayce center in Canada
Cayce Center, UK
  (see spirituality, health)
Cayman Islands Cayman geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Latin America)
Celt Celtic Nations Celtic heritage site
Hebridean Celtic Festival
Books:  Celtic Paganism
  (see U.K.)
censorship Index on Censorship  
IFEX - International Freedom of Expression Exchange
Freedom of Information Center 
American Civil Liberties Union 
Project Censorship  
Internet Blocking & Censorware, EFF
"Children's Internet Protection Act" (CHIPA or CIPA) and "Neighborhood Children's Internet Protection Act" (NCHIPA or NCIPA) excerpts from massive appropriations bill H.R. 4577; final version, as passed into law as Public Law 106-554 (Dec. 21, 2000).
American Civil Liberties Union Alaysis of the censorware riders (Children's Online Protection Act & Neighborhood Children's Online Protection Act) attached to the H.R. 4577 funding bill. (Oct. 2, 2000)
Filter Out the Naughty Bits: Net Nanny software -
The Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC) and the Internet Free Expression Alliance (IFEA) have released a statement opposing stealth blocking. Stealth blocking is the practice of some Internet service providers (ISPs) to block Internet access to particular hosts without the knowledge of end users
Banned Books - special exhibit of books that have been the objects of censorship or censorship attempts
  (see books, Internet, media, conspiracies, propaganda, intelligence, rightwing disinformation)
Center for Defense Information Center for Defense Information CDI
  (see military)
Center for Ecoliteracy Center for Ecoliteracy
  (see ecology, Fritjof Capra)
Center for Economic and Policy Research Center for Economic and Policy Research
Center for Economic and Social Rights Center for Economic and Social Rights  is "one of the first organizations to challenge economic injustice as a violation of international human rights law".
Center for Global Nonviolence Center for Global Nonviolence Honolulu, Hawai'i, Glenn D. Paige, president; professor emeritus of political science, University of Hawai'i
  (see Glenn Paige, peace, Petra Kelly, Ariyaratne, Medha Patkar )
Center for Nonproliferation Studies Center for Nonproliferation Studies
  (see nuclear)
Center for Public Integrity Center for Public Integrity - Public i
Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI)
  (see sciences)
Center for the Study of Great Ideas Mortimer J. Adler - The Center for the Study of Great Ideas
  (see philosophy)
Center of the American West Center of the American West
Central African Republic C.A.R. geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Africa)
Central America See Latin America page
CERJ Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice CERJ a partnership of Friends Committee on Restorative Justice
  (see legal, peace
CFR Council on Foreign Relations
  (see intelligence, conspiracies)
Chad Chad geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Africa)
Chamish, Barry Chamish bio
Books by Barry Chamish
Chamish archives
Chamish articles at
  (see Zionism, Palestine)
Chavez, Cesar E.
Cesar E. Chavez's Biography
The education and struggle of Chavez - he read St.Francis and Gandhi
Remembering a Modest Cesar by Anita Quintanilla
Cesar E. Chavez Institute for Public Policy, at San Francisco State University
Chavez bibliography at UFW site
Arizona, California make Chavez' birthday March 31 a state holiday
Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, August 8, 1994
Cesar Chavez Library- Salinas, CA
"La Expericencia de los Day Laborers en Cesar Chavez" (Spanish) by Miguel Carrera, Mariana V., and Arturo B., Eds. Street Sheet: A Publication of the Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco.
United Farm Workers, UFW
La Campesina Radio Network: Farm Worker Movement's radio network
Migrant Working Conditions and other Related Material, bibliography
The 1965 Grape Boycott
UFW Co-Founder Dolores Huerta Calls for Unity
  (See labor, Mexico)
"Che" Guevarra SEE Guevarra, Ernesto "Che"
Chechnya Chechnya resources and map
Chechnya: More Blood for Oil, CAQ
War Crimes and Human Rights Violations in Chechnya
Chechnya and the Laws of War
  (see Middle East-Eurasia, Russia)
chemicals (see toxics, health)
Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute
  (SEE military-chemical weapons)
chemical weapons SEE military-chemical weapons
  (see military)
Chernobyl Chernobyl and the Collapse of Soviet Society By Jay M. Gould.
Chernobyl raised mutations 600% 
Planet Ark archives on Chernobyl 
  (see nuclear, Russia)
Chiapas SEE Mexico
children United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - New York, USA
Children, Conflicts and the Military
State of the World's Children, 1996 
Childrens Defense Fund
  (see Marian Wright Edelman, legal)
Children's Internet Protection Act" (CHIPA or CIPA) "Children's Internet Protection Act" (CHIPA or CIPA) and "Neighborhood Children's Internet Protection Act" (NCHIPA or NCIPA) excerpts from massive appropriations bill H.R. 4577; final version, as passed into law as Public Law 106-554 (Dec. 21, 2000)
Chile   SEE Chile
China   SEE China
Chinagate The Chase After 'Chinagate'
Iran-Contra & Wen Ho Lee  hot.gif (158 bytes)
  (see intelligence)
Chipko Movement, India
  "tree hugggers"
"Hug the Trees!" Chandi Prasad Bhatt and the Chipko Movement
  (see forest)
Chodorkoff, Daniel danc2.jpg (2593 bytes)Daniel Chodorkoff bio and bibliography at Institute for Social Ecology
Choice Point Choice Point, outsourced private system for everything on everybody - they collect all the information the FBI is not allowed to by law, and search tools
  (see intelligence, civil liberties)
Chomsky, Noam Chomsky MIT page
Why the World Social Forum? by Noam Chomsky  
Chomsky on the Cold War  
Noam Chomsky Home Page  
Transcript of tv interview of Noam Choomsky by John Pilger  1992 
operation mindcrime: the selling of noam chomsky, at 
The Noam Chomsky Archive
A Chomsky page, archive, Thirdworldtraveler
Year 501: The Conquest Continues, book by Noam Chomsky
  (see media)
Chossudovsky, Michel articles 'Global Poverty in the Late 20th Century,'
'Low Intensity Nuclear War' by- DU in Kosovo, with area map targeted by ordnance in 1999 
The Quebec Wall
'Seattle and Beyond: Disarming the New World Order,'  
"Washington Finances Ethnic Warfare in the Balkans'  
NATO Willfully Triggered Environmental Catastrophe In Pancevo, Yugoslavia,  
New World Order Weapons Can Trigger Climate Change, the Evidence
Book:  The Globalization of Poverty by Michel Chossudovsky
  (see globalization, military)
Christian Coalition Christian Coalition (un-Christian)
Christison, Bill Family Farms and U.S. Trade Policy - U.S. family farm leader speaks to European farmers , by Bill Christison, Brussels, Belgium / Chillicothe, Missouri, U.S.A. 
The Impact of Globalization on Family Farm Agriculture - The increasing role of the multi-national corporations in controlling both the inputs and the marketing of our commodities jeopardizes our very existence. - Bill Christison, in Porto Alegre, Brazil
CIA SEE Intelligence page
Civil Disobedience "Civil Disobedience", by Henry David Thoreau
civil rights Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
Civil Rights Chronology
  (see racism)
Civil War, U.S. US Civil War & Emancipation
Books: Slave Trade in America, roots of the Civil War
  (see U.S.A., military)
civil wars SEE military
civil liberties    See civil liberties
Clark, Ramsey International Action Center IAC, Ramsey Clark
The Mysterious Ramsey Clark- history and questions
  (see intelligence)
Clark, Sam Book:  Designing and Building Your Own House Your Own Way
  (see sustainable building)
class The Origins of the Overclass - CIA rule
UK left directory
working class movement links
Class War -- "If you're one of the people who've swallowed the crap about "we're all middle class now" or "we live in a classless society" this is the time to stop reading"
  (see imperialism, political issues, intelligence)
Clemens, Samuel SEE Mark Twain
Climate Ark Climate Ark
  (see climate change)
climate change SEE climate change page
Clinton, Bill Clinton impeachment archive, Consortium News
Club of Rome Club of Rome official website
  (see globalization, environment)
cocaine, crack, coca SEE drugs
Codex The Role of Science and 'Other Factors' in Codex Decisions, Consumer Union Consumer Policy Institute
Codex Watch IATP listserv archive
  (see health, botanical)
cohousing The Cohousing Network
COINTELPRO COINTELPRO.2K Meets the WTO--Feds Infiltrate Activists
How COINTELPRO Helped Destroy the Movements of the 1960s
  (see intelligence)
colateral damage U.S. history of war on civilians as a strategy
  (see military)
Cold War SEE Cold War Era page
Colombia Colombia geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Colombian Labor Monitor
Plan Colombia, in spanish
Narco News: Plan Colombia's Mercenaries
Colombia: The Genocidal Democracy book online
Colombia Human Rights Network
Indigenous, human rights, gay resources
Background on Agent Green
US Fumigation in Colombia and the Third World - A Century or More of U.S.-Peruvian Drug Paradoxes, 1860-1980, REVISED DRAFT/Wilson Center, Latin American Program/ Working Paper
  (see Latin America, intelligence, drugsmilitary)
colonialism SEE colonialism page
Columbus, Christopher RE: Indigenous People's Opposition to Celebration and Glorification of
Colonial Pirate Christopher Columbus
, from American Indian Movement
Christopher Columbus, Excerpts from Journal, 1492 (8/3 - 10/19)
Christopher Columbus, Excerpts from Journal, 1492 (8/11 - 11/ 6)
Christopher Columbus, Excerpts from Journal, 1492 (12/26)
Christopher Columbus, Epistola De Insulis Nuper Inventis (1493)
Christopher Columbus, Letter to the King and Queen of Spain (1494)
Book:  Rethinking Columbus -The Next 500 Years, edited by Bill Bigelow & Bob Peterson
  (see colonialism, genocide)
Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism "Portside"
  (see political)
Common Courage Press Common Courage Press
  (see media)
Common Law Common Law, U.S.
  (see legal)
Commons Global Media Giants Are Lobbying For The Most Sinister Privatization Of All: The Airwaves, by Jeremy Rifkin
The Global Water Crisis and the Commodification of the World’s Water Supply, By Maude Barlow, Chair, IFG Committee on the Globalization of Water
Enclosure in England 1470-1900
Das Kapital on dispossession from the land chapter 27
Whose Common Future? Reclaiming the Commons by The Ecologist Magazine - governments and big business erode commons and destroy the cultures commons support
Privatizing Nature - Political Struggles for the Global Commons, Edited by Michael Goldman - "The concept of 'the commons' as a device for controlling land, forests, rivers and natural resources first entered the political realm during the enclosure movement in pre-industrial Britain. Now, as we approach the 21st century, new forms of enclosures and notions of private property are emerging - from water rights, biodiversity, and 'gene pools' of plants and humans, to the demands of multinational corporations for free access to more land for investment and exploitation."
  (see globalization)
Community Currencies Community Currencies
Resources for Community Currency Activists
  (see Carol Brouillet, World Social Forum)
Community of the Ark Island of Peace - Lanza del Vasto and the Community of the Ark
  (see peace)
community supported agriculture   (see sustainable agriculture, foodCSA
Compassion in Action Compassion in Action, Twilight Brigade hospice movement ..because no one need die alone, and Near-death experience, Dannion Brinkley
Comoros Comoros geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Africa)
Comverse Infosys Comverse Infosys, a subsidiary of an Israeli-run private telecommunications firm,  provides almost all the wiretapping equipment and software for U.S. law enforcement
  (see intelligence)
Condor Condor - terrorist car-bombing in Washington that killed Chilean dissident Orlando Letelier, Consortium News
Congo Congo geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
The Crime of the Congo By Arthur Conan Doyle - Belgium's Leopold killed millions
U.S. Military and Corporate Recolonization of the Congo
CIA Incursions Throughout the World - Congo
U.S. Military and Corporate Recolonization of the Congo
La Référence Plus, daily newspaper (Zaire) 
Convention of Democratic and Social Institutions
Mark Twain's writing on the Congo and King Leopold
  (see Africa, colonialism)
Consortium, The Media The Media Consortium
Constitution, U.S. Book:   Toward an American Revolution -Exposing the Constitution and Other Illusions,
Jerry Fresia
  (see legal, civil liberties )
conspiracies   SEE conspiracies page
Constitutional Rights Foundation Constitutional Rights Foundation
  (see legal)
construction U.S. Green Building Council
Environmental Building News
EPA's Energy Star Buildings and Green Lights Partnership
  (see  sustainability, sustainable building)
constructed wetlands Constructed wetlands
  (see  sustainability, sustainable building)
consumerism Overcoming Consumerism Citizen-Activist's Anti-Consumerism 
Escape From Affluenza - This accompanying site to PBS's "Escape From Affluenza"
  (see sustainability)
Consumers Union The Role of Science and 'Other Factors' in Codex Decisions, Consumer Union Consumer Policy Institute
contras SEE Iran-Iran-Contra page
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUP) Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans CUUP
  (see spirituality)
Convention on anti-personnel mines Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction, program reports by country and Text of the Convention
  (see military)
Convention on Biological and Toxin Weapons The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention BTWC
  (see military)
Convention on Biological Diversity Convention on Biological Diversity
  (see biodiversity)
Convention on Chemical Weapons Texts of the Chemical Weapons Convention
  (see military)
Convention on Environmental Modification Warfare Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques - EMOD
ENMOD Parties and Signatories - May 2001
  (see military)
Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution The Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution provides an international legal framework for dealing with air pollution in the European region.
Convention on Genocide Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide
cooking SEE food page
co-ops SEE co-ops in local solutions
COPA! NM Committee on Prison Accountability -- COPA! NM
See Tilda Sosaya
copyright Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians
Copyright Law: Frequently Asked Questions
Sec. 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use
  (see Internet, media)
coral reefs Reefs at Risk A Map-Based Indicator of Threats to the World's Coral Reefs  
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
The Global Coral Reef Alliance
Coral Bleaching Hotspots (Global)
Coral reef resources
Mother Jones section on coral reefs
The Coral Reef Alliance
Ocean Data Information Network for Africa
Coral Reefs Disappearing -Scientists Say a Quarter Killed by Warming, Pollution
  (see oceans)
corporations SEE corporations page
cost of living Driven to Spend: How Sprawl and Lack of Transportation Choice Are Driving Up Family Transportation Costs
  (see consumerism, transportationsustainability)
Costa Rica Costa Rica geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Human rights resources
  (see Latin America)
Council on Foreign Relations Council on Foreign Relations CFR
  (see intelligence)
Council for a Liveable World Council for a Liveable World
  (see military)
Cousteau Society Cousteau Society
Covenant of the Goddess The Covenant of the Goddess one of the oldest legally-recognized Witchcraft organizations in America
  (see spirituality- pagan, Wicca)
covert action SEE intelligence
Covert Action Quarterly Covert Action Quarterly CAQ
  (see intelligence)
CQS CQS Health and Environment, the home of: HealthAlert & ToxicAlert pro bono technical assistance to individuals and environmental organizations, mostly in the form of reducing highly technical information on health and the environment to a form that can be understood by people without a technical background
crack cocaine See drugs
crime U.S. State-Organized Crime as a Case Study Of Criminal Policy
Organized Crime and the "Mafia" - theories and academic studies
Book: The Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know
Book: The Perpetual Prisoner Machine : How America Profits from Crime by Joel Dyer
  (see legal system, police state)
Crimean War The Crimean War: 1853-1856
  (see military)
Croatia SEE Croatia page
crop circles Directory of Crop Circle Researchers
Earthfiles reports by Linda Moulton Howe
Crop Circle Connector
Crop Circle Central
Swirled News Online
  (See conspiracies)
Crusades, Middle Ages Books:   Crusades of the Middle Ages
  (see world)
Crypto-AG Crypto-AG and NSA - 50 years of reading secret documents of most of the world's governments, from Covert Action Quarterly
CSETI See Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Cuba, Fidel Castro SEE Cuba page 
cults Cultic Studies Review Information on cults, psychological manipulation, psychological abuse, spiritual abuse, brainwashing, mind control, thought reform, abusive churches, extremism, totalistic groups, authoritarian groups, new religious movements, alternative and mainstream religions, etc.
Guide to the Major Cults from a denominational perspective,  in "characteristics of a cult" they define a cult as everybody deviating from their particular doctrine, whatever that is
The Wacko Archives entertaining and informative
  (see secret societies, conspiracies, spirituality)
Cultural Survival Quarterly Cultural Survival Quarterly - 'to defend the human rights and cultural autonomy of indigenous peoples and oppressed ethnic minorities.'
  (see indigenous, genocide)
Cyprus Cyprus geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Human rights and other resources
  (see Europe)
Czech, Brian Book:  Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train: Errant Economists, Shameful Spenders, and a Plan to Stop Them All, by Brian Czech
  (see ecology)
Czech Republic See Czech Republic page

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