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Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train, Brian Czech

"This is what is the matter with us, we are bleeding at the roots, because we are cut off from the earth and the sun and stars..."
- D. H. Lawrence

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity, Union of Concerned Scientists 1995
Social Environmentalism and Native Relations, David Orton- social environmentalism  from a left-biocentric perspective
Bioethics: A Third World Issue, By Vandana Shiva
Report Says World Condition Worsens Since Rio Summit 1993
Environmental pollution and degradation causes 40 percent of deaths worldwide, Cornell study finds
Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia
The Pollution Solution at International Society for Individual Liberty

Project Starfish and Argus Project - high altitude nuclear detonations that altered the Van Allen Belts
A few names of public spirited sounding organizations...backed by corporate interests
The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Center for International Environmental Law
Organizations who monitor the impacts of multilateral development bank lending
Law, Trade and International Financial Institutions

World Data Center for Human Interactions in the Environment
"The Precautionary Principle holds that given a threat to biodiversity, the lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to avoid or minimize such a threat." in environmental modification warfare page, footnote 56

Ahimsa Books on Ecology, the Environment, Wildlife, Nature and Animals
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. 1972. Declaration of the United Nations on the Human Environment, Stockholm
United Nations Environment Programme
UN Convention on Biological Diversity and its Biosafety Protocol
International Environmental Law after Rio, in European Journal of International Law
Environmental Laws & Treaties
Amazing Environmental Web Directory 
ENS Healing Our World Commentary Election 2000 
State of the World 2000  
European Environment Agency

Globalization Killing Environment - Shiva  
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
The environmental cost of development in China
India's environment, CSE Center for Science and Environment
Endangered Species Coalition 
Indigenous Environmental Network  
Ten Danger Zones for Environmentalists, at Amnesty International
Japan Environmental Exchange  
Environmental Organization Links 
Indigenous Environmental Network 
long list of links Forest Rainforest Biodiversity & Climate 

Global Environmental Justice  
Sources On Environmental Ethics  
NATO Willfully Triggered Environmental Catastrophe In Pancevo, Yugoslavia, by  Michel Chossudovsky 
forest topics at Environmental Web Directory 
"Sustaining the Steppe: The Future of Mongolia's Grasslands" examines the effects politics can have on an ecosystem and people compelled to follow mandates inconsistent with good management techniques
The Ahimsa Bookstore 17,700+ of books on hundreds of subject matters concerning the environment, ecology, nature, animals, vegetarianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism

Brian Tokar - Questioning Official Environmentalism
Earth Day
Union of Concerned Scientists 
US Environmental Maps  
Movement's prosperity comes at a high price
Letter to Environmentalists, by Chellis Glendinning, New Mexico - "Stand behind the politics of indigenous Chicano people and Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo"
Inhabited "Wilderness - by David Brower - "preservation of wilderness and the rights of land-based peoples" - the conflict in New Mexico
National Environmental Information Service, agency
National Environmental Coalition Of Native Americans
Dinč CARE Citizens Against Ruining our Environment 
"Farmers have a tremendous amount to gain by working with environmental groups" -  Bill Christison, Albuquerque
Southwest Center for Biological Diversity Protecting endangered species and wild places of western North America and the Pacific through science, policy, education, and environmental law
Southwest Center for Biological Diversity has been chronicling the ways in which the political context has shaped the outcome of the habitat conservation planning process
Center press releases on endangered species and habitats

  Government environment agencies
State Environmental Links -  links to all fifty State Environmental Agencies
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Canada Department of Environment
British Columbia Ministry of Environment
New Brunswick Canada Environmental Office
Great Britian Department of Environment
Australian Environmental Department
United Nations Environmental Server
European Environment Agency Late lessons from early warnings: the precautionary principle 1896-2000 Environmental issue report No 22
This report is about gathering information on the hazards raised by human economic activities and its use in taking action to protect better the environment and the health of the species and ecosystems that are dependent on it.   .pdf downloads

Cutting Green Tape: Toxic Pollutants, Environmental Regulation and the Law
An 8500 page environmental research encyclopaedia set of CDs
Thoreau: Life without Principle - an 1854 lecture evolved into this essay: Thoreau rails against a culture whose primary focus is financial.
Walking - Thoreau describes wilderness as a treasure to be preserved rather than a resource to be plundered
Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train: Errant Economists, Shameful Spenders, and a Plan to Stop Them All,  by Brian Czech
Silent Spring , The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson
A Green History of the World: The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations, by Clive Ponting - How exhaustion of resources doomed many past civilizations and how our civilization is consuming resources on a massive scale
Whose Common Future? Reclaiming the Commons by The Ecologist Magazine - governments and big business erode commons and destroy the cultures commons support
Home Economics by Wendell Berry - A clearly reasoned, strongly worded indictment of our present economic system and the foolish squandering of resources that it fosters
Radical Ecology : The Search for a Livable World (Revolutionary Thought/Radical Movements), Carolyn Merchant.
Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered by E. F. Schumacher
The Practice of the Wild by Gary Snyder
Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research monitors the "wise use" movement
The War Against the Greens: article,  David Helvarg, author
The War Against the Greens : The 'Wise-Use' Movement, the New Right, and Anti-Environmental Violence,  David Helvarg
Global Spin : The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism, Sharon Beder
Earth For Sale - Brian Tokar
Greenwash - The Reality Behind Corporate Environmentalism, Jed Greer & Kenny Bruno
The Corporate Planet: Ecology and Politics in the Age of Globalization

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