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Geopolitics of Eurasia
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The Balkans-Caspian-Middle East Policy Connection

     With select websites that furnish the stories and connections behind the mainstream "news".  As always, it is the reader's task to sort it all out and draw conclusions. - webmaster

    Balkans, NATO, and U.S. interests
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) DOUBTS ON A MASSACRE: Media Ignore Questions About Incident That Sparked Kosovo War
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Bringing Democracy to Bosnia-Herzegovina - Covert Action Quarterly
     "Yet an examination of NATO’s peacekeeping operation reveals a process of colonization as deep and thoroughgoing as any seen in the 19th century. As NATO continues to destabilize Yugoslavia, the last stubborn holdout in Eastern Europe against subordination to western domination, NATO has succeeded in expanding its colonization to Yugoslavia’s Kosovo region, at enormous cost to the people of the Balkans."
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) A U.S.  NGO trained 70,000 volunteers for the mass movement that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) America at war in Macedonia
     "Washington's covert war in Macedonia purports to consolidate America's sphere of influence in southeastern Europe. At stake is the strategic Bulgaria- Macedonia- Albania transport, communications and oil pipeline "corridor" which links the Black Sea to the Adriatic coast. Macedonia stands at the strategic crossroads of the oil pipeline corridor."  - Michel Chossudovsky, TFF associate, June 15, 2001
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) National Endowment for Democracy - U.S. arm to subvert Yugoslavia '- "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA." ('Washington Post', Sept. 21, 1991)
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Statement by Paul B. McCarthy National Endowment for Democracy to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
     "With its annual congressional appropriation, NED makes hundreds of grants each year to support prodemocracy groups in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union. Many NED-funded programs have been conducted by the Endowment's four core institutes: the International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), and the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS)".    "NED has been assisting democracy building programs in the former Yugoslavia since 1988, and in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo since the disintegration of the Yugoslav Federation. During the wars of Yugoslav succession and the U.N. embargo, NED was one of the few Western organizations, along with the Soros Foundation and some European foundations, to make grants in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), and to work with local NGOs and independent media throughout the country."  "NED programs have helped ensure the survival of a number of independent media and helped break the stranglehold of government-dominated media in Serbia".
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) The G-17 destruction of Yugoslavia for private interests
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) The full text of the July 29, 1999 Senate hearings on Serbia
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes)      "The US is once more waging a proxy war using the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to fight the Macedonian Armed Forces. While US KFOR troops stationed in Kosovo are not directly involved, American military personnel from Military Professional Resources, Inc (MPRI) (a mercenary outfit on contract to the Pentagon) is advising the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and its Macedonian proxy the NLA."
     "MPRI sub-contracted some of the training programme to two British private security companies, ensuring that between 1998 and June 1999 the KLA was being armed, trained and assisted in Italy, Turkey, Kosovo and Germany by the Americans, the German external intelligence service and former and serving members of Britain's 22 SAS Regiment."
Macedonia: Washington's Military-Intelligence Ploy, by Michel Chossudovsky [17 June 2001
     "Sorry, Virginia, but they are NATO troops, not rebels", by Jared Israel at emperorsclothes.com
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) "Why Albanians Fled Kosovo During NATO Bombing"   interview with Cedda Pralinchevich, President of the Jewish Community in Prishtina. In the first interview, Mr. Pralinchevich, formerly Chief Archivist of Kosovo, described how he and tens of thousands of other Yugoslavs were driven from Prishtina by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) with NATO's backing
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) "What's Behind KLA Strategy In The Balkans?"
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Macedonia and the free press
     "Will future historians reveal that journalists, NGOs, clergy and others have functioned as cover for CIA and possibly other intelligence agencies and their cloak-and-dagger covert operations, and that we are targets of psychological warfare?"
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Washington finances ethnic warfare in the Balkans
     "While Washington supports Macedonia, it is at the same time funneling money and military hardware to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) now engaged in a border war with the Macedonian Security Forces. In a cruel irony, Washington is arming and advising both the KLA attackers and the Macedonian defenders under military and intelligence authorization acts approved by the US Congress." - Michel Chossudovsky, TFF associate, May 11, 2001
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Serbia infonews
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Economic terrorism -
     "In Yugoslavia, the IMF has become the steadfast financial bureaucracy of the Western military alliance, working hand in glove with NATO and the US State Department." - Michel Chossudovsky, TFF associate, May 11, 2001
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Macedonia - Victim of Western Conflict-Mismanagement
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Lies, Damn Lies...& Maps - U.S. bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) US guerilla war against the Soviet Union
     Caspian area resources   - the "heartland"
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) "Petroleum, Pipelines and Paranoia in the Caucasus"
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) About Brzeszinski's "Grand Chessboard"
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Big Oil - Big Lies -US involvement, Russian site
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) The Battle Against Eurasia - US Strategy, Russian site
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Nato and Central Asia, Russian Site
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Russia vs. New World Order
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Pro-American military-political blocs around Caspian liven up - Russian site
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) The History and Politics of Chechen Oil
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) America's Push on the Caspian Pipeline is Not Good Sense for the Oil Companies
     "LONDON- Rarely, if at all in the post Cold War world, has there been such a stark case of high politics and doubtful economics. The oil company's director of international affairs has been openly blunt about it: "The only way this is going to work is to make the pipeline as affordable as possible for shippers to put their oil down it. We are asking the U.S. government to attract as much oil as possible and to attract as much financing as possible".
     "Thus BP Amoco, the world's third largest oil company, opens its begging bowl for a taxpayers' handout with the fulsome backing of the U.S. government. All in the cause of giving Russia, now supposedly no longer our enemy, a black eye. Left to itself and the dictates of the competitive market, BP Amoco would not build a new pipeline to carry Caspian Sea oil across Turkey, avoiding the old routes through Russia. But if the U.S. government makes it worth its while, well that is another story."
     Iraq and U.S. interests
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) The Arming of Iraq 
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) "Why I Resigned My UN Post in Protest of Sanctions," by Denis Halliday. November 5, 1998 - Harvard Speech Transcript (In this talk, Halliday talks about the impact of the sanctions on health-care and mortality rates, the social, educational, and cultural consequences of sanctions, and what options he sees.)
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Other statements by and about Halliday and sanctions
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) Public Relations: Hill & Knowlton, Robert Gray, and the CIA
bullet_b.gif (943 bytes) U.S. history of war on civilians as a strategy  


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