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  War and globalization
Backing up Globalization with Military Might  hot.gif (158 bytes)
Michael Parenti: a concise history of American imperialism
Americans Against World Empire
About Brzeszinski's "Grand Chessboard"hot.gif (158 bytes)
Confronting the Military-Corporate Complex 
Legacy of colonialism and banking - globalization is the new colonialism
Military-Industrial Complex revisited Contents 
XX The WTO and the Global War System  .pdf 
A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
International Forum on Globalization  
U.S. Military and Corporate Recolonization of the Congo
Corporate military resources   hot.gif (158 bytes)
Legacy of Colonialism

  Intelligence and globalization
CIA report: Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future
Matrix chart: Drivers in the Global Futures Scenarios: 2000-2015

Echelon - State Surveillance in the Internet - lengthy documented study from UK

  New World Order and privatization
History of new world order , one view
Global Media Giants Are Lobbying For The Most Sinister Privatization Of All: The Airwaves, by Jeremy Rifkin
America and the New World Order
Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment
Russia versus New World Order, a euphemism for US hegemony, Susan Bryce
Bilderberg - Corporate Europe's Power Elite
Human Rights and The New World Order
History of the world economy
TNCs Control Two-Thirds of World Economy
The birth of capitalism, R.K.Moore

  World finance - WTO, IMF, World Bank, police state
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) - Geneva
World Bank  
Jubilee 2000 
Bank Watch
Bank Information Center -  an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides information and strategic support to NGOs and social movements throughout the world on the projects, policies and practices of the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). BIC advocates for greater transparency, accountability and citizen participation at the MDBs.
World Trade Organization from IFG
Official World Trade Organization website
IMF and World Bank, from IFG
History, structure and future developments of WTO
WTO Watch events calendar & events by topic  
The WTO and the Global War System   .pdf hot.gif (158 bytes)
Take Agriculture out of the WTO! Resist Imperialist Globalization!
COINTELPRO.2K Meets the WTO--Feds Infiltrate Activists
Intelligence Newsletter, No.381, "Watching Anti-WTO Crowd"
Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative, hot.gif (158 bytes)
Globalization and the United Nations from IFG
History, structure and future developments of WTO
World Social Forum, Porto Allegre Feb 2001  
Davos, Switzerland Economic Forum 
Quebec Summit Hides an Iron Fist Behind a Word 
When Davos Meets Porto Alegre:   A Memoir, Walden Bello 
Why the World Social Forum? by Noam Chomsky  
Hazel Henderson and world federalism
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Report on The Anti-Globalization Movement  hot.gif (158 bytes)
Offshore Banking, Secret Financial Havens, Money Laundering & Corruption

  Economics, history, and reform
The Economist
Resources for Economists on the Internet
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics attempts to survey the whole law and economics literature in nearly 5,000 pages, University of Ghent and University of Utrecht
How Africa Was Underdeveloped Economically - control of the monetary system as critical to colonialism
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Best known for its publications Canadian Forum and The Monitor advocating monetary reform
Monetary Reform Magazine, Canada
Economic Reform Australia
U.K. - History of Money
U.S. Coalition to Reform Money
  SEE U.S. financial system

  Free market theory
The Mystery of Banking: Rothbard's out-of-print 1983 book on banking theory and history
Friedrich A. Hayek Scholars Page
Austrian Scholars Conference
Anatomy of the State: perhaps Rothbard's most powerful attack on Leviathan
Ludwig von Mises Institute

  Trade and organizations
Global Poverty in the Late 20th Century
Beyond the Chemical Century from Pesticide Action Network  (see toxics)
Agriculture and Trade   IATP listserv archive
globalfarmcrisis  IATP listserv archive
Global Exchange  
Multinational Monitor  
Focus on the Corporation   
Public Citizen Global Trade Watch
Global Exchange   
50 Years is Enough fact sheets   hot.gif (158 bytes)
Multinationals Resource Center  
Globalization Killing Environment - Shiva
Focus on the Global South   hot.gif (158 bytes)
Foreign Policy in Focus 
Directory of Transnational Corporations  
International Network on Disarmament and Globalization, A to Z Index of links Globalization Wiping Out Languages, Natural Links   
China, Agriculture and Trade IATP listserve archive
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy IATP   
IATP Listserv Archives  on dozens of related topics -- from antibiotics to farm policy to genetically modified food to WTO concerns  hot.gif (158 bytes)
Family Farms and U.S. Trade Policy - U.S. family farm leader speaks to European farmers , by Bill Christison, Brussels, Belgium / Chillicothe, Missouri, U.S.A. 
The Impact of Globalization on Family Farm Agriculture - The increasing role of the multi-national corporations in controlling both the inputs and the marketing of our commodities jeopardizes our very existence. - Bill Christison, in Porto Alegre, Brazil

The Civil Society: an Unfolding Cultural Struggle, Korten
U.S. history of war on civilians as a strategy  
U.S. State-Organized Crime as a Case Study Of Criminal Policy
US News & WR on elite religious groups

Trilateralism, The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management, Holly Sklar
The Corporate Planet: Ecology and Politics in the Age of Globalization
Dark Victory - The United States and Global Poverty, by Walden Bello, Shea Cunningham & Bill Rau
Dying for Growth - Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor
The Global Media : The Missionaries of Global Capitalism (Media Studies) by Ed
Herman, Robert Waterman McChesney, Edward S. Herman
When Corporations Rule the World, by David C. Korten
State of the World 2000, the Worldwatch Institute's
Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II
Imprisoned in the Global Classroom -- by Ivan D. Illich
Whose Trade Organization? Corporate Globalization and the Erosion of Democracy
Global Dreams : Imperial Corporations and the New World Order by Richard J. Barnet, John Cavanagh
Stolen Harvest : The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply by Vandana Shiva
Whose Common Future? Reclaiming the Commons by The Ecologist Magazine - governments and big business erode commons and destroy the cultures commons support
Against Empire, Michael Parenti
My Name is Chellis and I'm in Recovery from Western Civilization, Chellis Glendinning, of Chimayo, NM
Global Spin : The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism, Sharon Beder
Culture and Imperialism by Edward W. Said
The Globalization of Poverty by Michel Chossudovsky

  (see books page for more)    (see colonialism)

Global home page      "In the absence of a coherent alternative, the transnational corporations carry on inexorably. Increasingly flagless and stateless, they weave global webs of production, commerce, culture and finance virtually unopposed. They expand, invest and grow, concentrating ever more wealth in a limited number of hands. They work in coalition to influence local, national and international institutions and laws.
     And together with the governments of their home countries in Europe, North America and Japan, as well as international institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and increasingly, the United Nations, they are molding an international system in which they can trade and invest even more freely--a world where they are less and less accountable to the cultures, communities and nation-states in which they operate. Underpinning this effort is not the historical inevitability of an evolving, enlightened civilization, but rather the unavoidable reality of the overriding corporate purpose: the maximization of profits."
     -- Korten, The Corporate Planet