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Global Legal Information Network, at U.S. Library of Congress
UN Psychotropic Substance Convention of Vienna 1988
UN Psychotropic Substance Convention of Vienna, 1971
Single Convention Treaty on Narcotics, 1961
United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs - 1988
EP/Death penalty abolition: resolution
International Court of Justice (ICJ) - The Hague
Eerie Similarities Between Government Corruption In Mexico and the United States
Center for International Environmental Law
Claude Frédéric Bastiat, The Law


Common Law, U.S.
Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice CERJ a partnership of Friends Committee on Restorative Justice
Constitutional Rights Foundation all the issues all the time
Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
Lawful Arrest/Search/Seizure FAQ - extremely controversial, and 100% right
Military Civil Disturbance Planning The War at Home
The Police State Conspiracy- an Indictment
Race and America's Justice System
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
Books on Psychiatric abuse
Law Against Social Change  
Power Oppression Law & Social Change 
Psychology and Law Justice Diverted  
PsychologyLaw Psychological Jurisprudence 
Shattered Lives Human Rights and the US Drug War 
U.S. State-Organized Crime as a Case Study Of Criminal Policy
Law-related links 
National Lawyers Guild  
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund  
Environmental Laws & Treaties
Justice & False Consciousness in Psychology 
Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice  
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee   
Fully Informed Jury Association 
Snitch Culture 

Militarizing US/Mexico border
Information About Corrupt Federal Judges
Toward an American Revolution - Exposing the Constitution and other Illusions, Jerry Fresia
Jeff Koftinoff's Main Canadian Conspiracy Pages
The Origins of the Overclass - CIA rule
Working class movement links
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
U.S. Constitution Completely searchable; also footnotes and amendment histories
NOLO self-help law
True Justice webring sites, 305
Book:  Toward an American Revolution -Exposing the Constitution and Other Illusions,
Jerry Fresia
Declaration of Independence - 1776
Articles of Confederation - 1777
The Constitution for the United States, Its Sources and Its Application
Our Enemy, The State by A. J. Nock, The Classic Critique Distinguishing 'Government' from 'STATE'
Trial By Jury by Lysander Spooner
Undermining The Constitution by Thom. J. Norton

   Drug War and Prisons, U.S.

Prison Reform Unity Project PRUP
Committee on Prison Accountability -- COPA! NM
Drug Reform Coordination Network 
JusticeNet Criminal Justice 
Coalition For Federal Sentencing Reform 
Long list of resources Criminal Justice Resources Resources/ Corrections
Long list of resources The Correctional HIV Consortium
Editorial from Corporate Watch: CAPITALIST PUNISHMENT, and a plethora of recent studies and books on the prison industry and corporate America
From Corporate Watch: The Prison Industrial Complex, by Christian Parenti. "Microsoft, Victoria's Secret and TWA use cheap prison labor."
FAMM Families Against Minimums Foundation
Shattered Lives Human Rights and the US Drug War
Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC), Articles on The Prison Crisis
Prison Connections Links
Drugging America web site and book to correct the government's corrupt war on drugs
Ariannaonline-- The Legal Drugging Of America A Status Report
CIA Narco-colonialism in the 20th Century
Drug war disinformation -
From The Wilderness Publications
Government insiders and former drug traffickers reveal government's arrogant and corrupt war-on-drugs.Other web sites with similar subjects.
The Consortium
The Contras Cocaine and Covert Operations
Text of the Marihuana Tax Act
Classification of Drugs under the Controlled Substances Act
State Marijuana Laws
Book: The Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know
Book: The Perpetual Prisoner Machine : How America Profits from Crime by Joel Dyer
  (SEE drugs page)

  Death Penalty

ACLU and Death Penalty
National Coalition To Abolish the Death Penalty
Death Penalty Information Center
Mental Retardation and the Death Penalty
Campaign To End The Death Penalty:Homepage
Equal Justice Initiative
Center on Wrongful Convictions

  Official sources

Trans Union
The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Criminal Justice Organizations
COPNET: Police Resource List
Police Officer's Internet Directory
High Tech Crime Investigation
Law and Corrections Technology
U.S. Code, Rules of Evidence, and Civil Procedure
Government Information Locator Service
Library of Congress Catalog
NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) Archival Information Locator
Thomas - Library of Congress Legislative Server
State government sites, legislatures, courts
  (SEE U.S. agencies and sources)


Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do, Peter McWilliams, full text links at bottom of his  page
Toward an American Revolution -Exposing the Constitution and Other Illusions,
Jerry Fresia
Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge   by Vandana Shiva - A learned, clear and passionately stated objection to the ways in which Western businesses expropriate natural processes and traditional knowledge
The Media Monopoly by Ben Haig Bagdikian
Whose Trade Organization? Corporate Globalization and the Erosion of Democracy
All Our Relations - Native Struggles for Land and Life, by Winona Laduke
Dead Wrong by Michael A. Mello - death penalty
Intellectual Property Rights, the WTO and Developing Countries - The TRIPS Agreement and Policy Options , by Carlos M. Correa*
The Perpetual Prisoner Machine : How America Profits from Crime by Joel Dyer

     "And as we toil in the field together, that day will come, when the people will come out of the fields and the factories, the mines, and the mills, the steel and glass office towers, out of the ghettos, the barrios, the reservations, out of the muck and the mire of despair, of hopelessness, and rise up out of the valley -- red people and black people and white people and yellow people and men and women, old and young -- and go to the court, to the citadel of justice, and sit down in their rightful places, and the doors will fling open before them. And they will sit in a court of law that is also a court of justice".
     -- Haywood Burns, President National Lawyers Guild

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