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Pacific nations SEE Pacific page
Pakistan Pakistan- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
India and Pakistan -- On the Nuclear Threshold, from National Security Archive 
  (see Middle East-Eurasia)
Pagan EcoPagan News 
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUP)
What Wicca is not    
Baltic Native belief systems  
Neopaganism in Central-Eastern Europe  
  (See  Pagan/Wicca/witchcraft, spirituality, Tolkien, Starhawk)
Paige, Glenn D. Glenn PaigeCenter for Global Nonviolence, Glenn. D. Paige, president; professor emeritus of political science, University of Hawai'i
Books by Glenn Paige
Nonviolent Shanti Sena as an Alternative to Terrorist and Anti- Terrorist Killing and War by Glenn D. Paige
Review of Paige book, Nonviolent Political Science: From Seasons of Violence
(see peace, Petra Kelly, Sarah Gilliatt, Ariyaratne, Medha Patkar)
Palau Palau- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Pacific page)
paleobotany Paleobotany resources online
International Organization of Palaeobotany
Palestine-Israel SEE Palestine-Israel page
Pan Am 103 Behind the Lockerbie frame-up  
PanAm 103, the charge against Libya: Case closed? Or disinformation?
  (see Libya, conspiracies)
Panama Panama- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Derechos Human Rights in Panama
Books and articles:
  The U.S. Invasion of Panama - The Truth Behind Operation 'Just Cause' - The Independent Commission of Inquiry on the U.S. Invasion of Panama
  Buckley, Kevin. 1991. Panama: The Whole Story. A former Saigon bureau chief for Newsweek magazine provides the background for the December, 1989 invasion of Panama and the arrest of Manuel Noriega, beginning with the events of September 13, 1985. Simon and Schuster, New York. $21.95.
  Independent Commission of Inquiry on the U.S. Invasion of Panama. 1991. The U.S. Invasion of Panama. South End Press. Boston. Paper. $10. Published a year after the invasion, it is based on numerous interviews of witnesses and excerpts from other respected reports.
  Lisagor, Nancy and Frank Lipsius. 1988. A Law Unto Itself: The Untold Story of the Law Firm Sullivan and Cromwell. Cloth. $19.95. Wm. Morrow and Co., Inc. New York. An historical review of an important firm and how it got away with what it did, especially the Panama Canal deal.
  Weeks, John and Phil Gunson. 1991. Panama: Made In the USA. Except for an incredibly inadequate account of casualties in the invasion, it is an interesting account of the history of US-Panamanian affairs, culminating in the December, 1989
invasion. Latin America Bureau. London. $8.00.
  (see Latin America)
Pantheism Pantheist Net  
  (see spirituality)
Paper Tiger TV Paper Tiger TV
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Pacific)
Paraguay Paraguay- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Latin America)
Parecon Participatory Economics
paranormal Paranormal Research Primer - Organizations
  (see sciences, psychology)
Parenti, Michael Books: Against Empire  To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia
  (see colonialism, military)
Parsons, Lucy Lucy Parsons (1853-1942):  The Life of an Anarchist Anti-Racist Labor Organizer
Bio of Lucy Parsons
Lucy Parsons Center
  (see labor)
passive solar See sustainable building, passive solar
passports Passports/Travel Abroad from
Patkar, Medha Medha Patkar promises to continue fight against Narmada dam
National Alliance of People's Movement national convenor Medha Patkar arrested in Bombay
India: Protest Against the Narmada Valley Dam Project Continues Despite Setbacks
  (see India, Narmada, Center for Global Nonviolence)
Paupua New Guinea Forest Conservation Archive - Paupua New Guinea  
Gobe oil fields, Papua New Guinea
  (see Asia)
PBS - Petroleum Broadcasting Corporation PBS: Delcine & Fall of 'Public' Television
  (see media)
peace, nonviolence SEE peace page
  (see military)
Peace Action Peace Action
  (see peace)
Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor current writing
Pearl Harbor, Mother of All Conspiracies, the book
FDR Scandal page (bias)
  (see World War 2)
Peltier, Leonard Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Book:  Prison Writings : My Life Is My Sun Dance by Leonard Peltier
  (see indigenous)
Pentagon SEE military, arms trade
People Centered Development Forum People Centered Development Forum, David Korten
pepper spray Pepper Spray Madness, CAQ
Perlas, Nicanor
Nicanor Perlas,
Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) in Manila
permaculture SEE permaculture page
Persistent Organic Pollutants POPs Persistent Organic Pollutants
  (see toxics)
Peru Peru- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Instituto de Defensa Legal (Peru)
Indigenous, human rights resources
US Fumigation in Colombia and the Third World - A Century or More of U.S.-Peruvian Drug Paradoxes, 1860-1980, REVISED DRAFT/Wilson Center, Latin American Program/ Working Paper
(see Latin America)
pesticides Rachel's Weekly - Back Issues  
Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) 
Beyond the Chemical Century from Pesticide Action Network 
PAN Pesticide Database 
The Politics of Pesticides
  (see toxics)
pharmaceuticals Books about Drug Companies, FDA, Government Collusion, & Corporate Control US
  (see drugs, health, corporations, psychology)
Philadelphia experiment Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments
Philippines Philippines- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
KMP - peasant movement of the Philipines Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) is a nationwide federation of Philippine organizations of landless peasants, small farmers, farm workers, subsistence fisherfolk, peasant women and rural youth
Lost History: Marcos, Money & Treason
Society, Ecology and Transformation By the Philippine Greens
Peasants and Rural Folks Long March for Genuine Land Reform and the Ouster of the US-Estrada Regime, Philipines
December 18- Rights of Migrant Workers
Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran, Inc.
Derechos Human Rights in Philippines
Task Force Detainees of the Philippines
The Order of St. Aelred (o.S.Ae.) rights of the sexual minorities
Isis International-Manila 25 years of service to women
The Philippine NGO Beijing Score Board
Ugnayan ng Kababaihan sa Pulitika
Women's Issues in Philippine Congress
Book:  The Philippines Reader  A History of Colonialism, Neocolonialism, Dictatorship, and Resistance, Daniel B. Schirmer and Stephen R. Shalom, Editors
  (see Asia)
philosophy philosophy webring  
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Basic Introduction to Islamic Philosophy
Center for the Study of Great Ideas
American Philosophical Association
Philosophy Links
Philosopher's Picture Gallery
Philosophy Research
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
Radical Philosophy 110
  (see spirituality, education, spirituality, ecology, Jacques EllulE.F. Schumacher, Fritjof Capra)
Physicians For Social Responsibility Physicians For Social Responsibility
Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles
  (see nuclear, health)
Pictou-Aquash, Anna Mae Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash
Bring Justice for Anna Mae
Extensive information on the murder
  (see FBI, AIM, indigenous)
Pilger, John "There is a danger in separating, or even ignoring, issues that are fundamentally related" -- John Pilger, in Private Planet
journalism and films of John Pilger  
The Pilger archive 
  (see depleted uranium, media, Palestine)
Pinochet Chile Documentation Project, National Security Archives  
Articles on Pinochet, Chile, Peron, Chile, CIA
Chile Documentation Project, National Security Archives  
Allende and Chile links 
  (see Chile)
Plan Colombia See Columbia
Planet Drum SEE bioregionalism, Peter Berg
plate tectonics Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift: Global Earth History
Tectonics and Paleogeography
The Geological Evolution of the Earth. a vertical time line images of the Earth's geologic evolution from 510 million years ago to the present
Pol Pot "The Friends of Pol Pot" - John Pilger  
The Long Secret Alliance Uncle Sam and Pol Pot - John Pilger  
  (see intelligence)
Poland Poland- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Progressive sources Poland at Crosspoint
Drug use, harm reduction
  (see Europe)
police state Military Civil Disturbance Planning The War at Home 
Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
SWAT teams by locality
Militarizing US/Mexico border
The Police State Conspiracy- an Indictment, R.K.Moore
The War at Home  
JusticeNet Criminal Justice  
Snitch Culture 
Book: The Perpetual Prisoner Machine : How America Profits from Crime by Joel Dyer
  (see civil liberties, terrorism, legal, drugs, fascism, crime)
political issues SEE political issues page
pollution Pollution in Environmental Web Directory
The Pollution Solution at International Society for Individual Liberty
Environmental pollution and degradation causes 40 percent of deaths worldwide, Cornell study finds
The Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution provides an international legal framework for dealing with air pollution in the European region.
  (see toxics, environment, nuclear)
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  (see Palestine)
population Gridded Population of the World from CIESIN
Global Population Database
Population and the Environment, Julio Cesar Centeno "The unsustainable growth of the population of developing countries is closely related to extreme levels of poverty, partly a consequence of the established international economic order, designed by industrial nations to enhance their own interests, and imposed upon the rest of the world"
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) - New York, USA
  (see World page)
populism Right Wing Populism / Major Overview , agrarian and political polulism
  (see conspiracies, political issues)
Port of Chicago
(US West Coast)
Port of Chicago Blast (West Coast, US) - Notes from an August 12, 1992 interview with Peter Vogel on his research into the possibility that the July 17, 1944 Port of Chicago explosion could have been atomic. It was.
  (see nuclear)
Port Huron Statement "Port Huron Statement" -- Founding document of Students for a Democratic Society
Port Huron Statement, SDS
  (see Cold War)
Porto Allegre, Brazil The Impact of Globalization on Family Farm Agriculture - The increasing role of the multi-national corporations in controlling both the inputs and the marketing of our commodities jeopardizes our very existence. - Bill Christison, in Porto Alegre, Brazil
  (see globalization)
Portugal Portugal- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Progressive sources Portugal at Crosspoint
Drug use, harm reduction
  (see Europe)
Positive Futures Network Positive Futures Network
(See People-Centered Development Forum)
poverty Causes of poverty
Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Domestic Poverty 1999 
Poverty and Welfare  
Southern Poverty Law Center
Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign  
EPN Links Welfare & Families  
SRRT Hunger Homelessness and Poverty Task Force  
'Global Poverty in the Late 20th Century,' by Michel Chossudovsky 
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
UNDP Poverty Report 2000
  (see homeless, world hunger)
Powell, Colin Colin Powell's Legend questions
power SEE banks, currency, economics
POW/MIA Vietnam Era POW/MIA Database   An online index to a microform collection of U.S. Government documents pertaining to U.S. military personnel killed, missing, or imprisoned in Southeast Asia during or after the conclusion of American involvement in the Vietnam Conflict
Prairie Island Coalition Prairie Island Coalition
  (see nuclear)
Precautionary Principle "The Precautionary Principle holds that given a threat to biodiversity, the lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to avoid or minimize such a threat." in environmental modification warfare page, footnote 56
  (see environment)
press Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop
Spunk Press
South End Press
Common Courage Press
Seven Stories Press
Verso Press
Green Books, UK
The Emma Goldman Papers
   (see media, disinformation)
Pprigogine, Ilya
Ilya Prigogine Center for Studies in Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems
Prison News Service Prison News Service
  (see legal)
prison reform PRUP
Private Prisons: Profits of Crime
Corrections Corporation of America
Political prisoners
prison news service
  (see drug war & prisons, human rights, legal)
privacy (see civil liberties)
Privacy Act Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts 
  (see legal)
privatization Global Media Giants Are Lobbying For The Most Sinister Privatization Of All: The Airwaves, by Jeremy Rifkin
The Global Water Crisis and the Commodification of the World’s Water Supply, By Maude Barlow, Chair, IFG Committee on the Globalization of Water
Enclosure in England 1470-1900
Das Kapital on dispossession from the land chapter 27
Book:  Whose Common Future? Reclaiming the Commons by The Ecologist Magazine - governments and big business erode commons and destroy the cultures commons support
Book:  Privatizing Nature - Political Struggles for the Global Commons, Edited by Michael Goldman - "The concept of 'the commons' as a device for controlling land, forests, rivers and natural resources first entered the political realm during the enclosure movement in pre-industrial Britain. Now, as we approach the 21st century, new forms of enclosures and notions of private property are emerging - from water rights, biodiversity, and 'gene pools' of plants and humans, to the demands of multinational corporations for free access to more land for investment and exploitation."
  (see globalization)
Project Censored Project Censored
  (see media)
Project Disappeared The Project Disappeared is an attempt by diverse human rights organizations and activists to keep the memory of the disappeared alive and search for justice. It is a place to get to know and to remember the victims of State terrorism in Latin America and the world.
  (see human rights page)
Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg
  (SEE books)
Project Starfish & Argus Project Project Starfish and Argus Project - high altitude nuclear detonations that altered the Van Allen Belts
  (see nuclear)
Project Underground Project Underground
  (see Oil & Mining)
propaganda The Institute for Propaganda Analysis was created in 1937,  to educate the American
public about the widespread nature of political propaganda. Table of Contents good stuff
PR Industry Wars on Activists
East German Propaganda as seen by the German Propaganda Archive
Nazi Propaganda (1933-1945) - Joseph Goebbels
Anti-Semitism - The Toadstool, and other anti-Semitic material, Nazi archive
A few names of public spirited sounding organizations...backed by corporate interests
Logical fallacies - the long list
The science of propaganda - Propaganda 101
Book:  Cutting Green Tape: Toxic Pollutants, Environmental Regulation and the Law
  (see conspiracies, media, propaganda, rightwing, disinformation, intelligence)
prophecy, Indian A Brief History on the Future of America  "For over a century, the American Indian shamans have prophesied the end of an earth cycle, the disappearance of the white man, and the return of all living things which had vanished under the pressures of the present world. The time, we are told, is near. As we observe governments, industries, and ourselves, we can see a system of waste and pollution so widespread as to cast a shadow across the generations to come. It doesn't take a clairvoyant to predict disaster."
  (see indigenous-USA, spirituality)
Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph Pierre-Joseph Proudhon collected writings
  (see anarchist)
Prouty, Col. Fletcher Col. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site
  (see intelligence)
Prozac Prozac Survivors Support Group, Inc. PSSG Pacific Palisades, CA
Prozac & Alternatives to Prozac/Non-Drug Natural Solutions
  (see psychology)
psychology SEE Psychology/psychiatry
psychological warfare Psychological warfare and population control, CAQ
PR Industry Wars on Activists
  (see military, intelligence , media, propaganda, psychology)
Public Citizen Public Citizen
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico - geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
Vieques Libre
The Chicano and Puerto Rican Movements: From 1972-1974
Bandera Roja, militant Puerto Rican newspaper online
  (see U.S.A.)
Pukhtunistan Pukhtunistan located on the junction of Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent, in dispute
  (see Abdul Ghaffar Khan)
Purley, Dorothy Dorothy Purley of Laguna Pueblo who   shared the 1999 Nuclear-Free Future Resistance Award with Grace Thorpe. 
Native Americans Denounce Toxic Legacy
  (see radiation)
Qatar Qatar- geography, demographics, economy, modern history to 1994
  (see Middle East-Eurasia)
Quebec protest Quebec Summit Hides an Iron Fist Behind a Word  
Not One or Two, but Hundreds of Protests - Naomi Klein 
THE QUEBEC WALL by Michel Chossudovsky  
'Seattle and Beyond: Disarming the New World Order,' by Michel Chossudovsky 
Quebec photos from Cascadia Media
  (see FTAA)
Quigley, Carroll Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment
Book: Tragedy & Hope : A History of the World in Our Time
Book: The Anglo-American Establishment
  (see government and finance, Zionism, globalization, military)

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