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drought tolerant & heirlooms
CSA - community supported agriculture
Biodynamic, organic



Calculators of all kinds, Measurements, Conversion Units; Calculations Useful to Farmers; Agriculture Specialists, etc.
International Institute for Ecological Agriculture
American Farmland Trust
Defining Rural Sustainability, Fifteen Criteria for Sustainable Developments in the Countryside, U.K.
International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM)
Masanobu Fukuoka One Straw Revolution, Natural Farming
Sustainable Agriculture in Europe and Germany
Farmers' Organizations & Rural Co-ops (UN/ICA)
Committee for Sustainable Farm Publishing
Rural Coalition/Coalicion Rural
Great Places to Find Information about Farming Alternatives
International Institute for Ecological Agriculture  
Green Agriculture Under Blue Skies (Spain)
International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (permaculture)  
Rural Green: A new shade of activism
National Family Farm Coalition  
Sustainable Agriculture web sites  
Sustainable Agriculture web sites list at USDA 
Sustainable Farming Connection 
Patchwork Family Farms finds new markets
Home Power Magazine
List of Alternative Crops & Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification great resources
Farm-to-City Marketing Project/Patchwork Family Farms .pdf file (Acrobat)
Plants for a Future On-Line
Resources from the Sustainable Agriculture Network
AFSIC's List of Alternative Crops and Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification.
"Industrial Hemp"
Alternative Agriculture-Related Internet Sites and Documents -- MOTHER LODE
SARE tip sheets, Farming for Profit, Stewardship & Community SARE has funded more than 1,400 projects looking at ways to farm more sustainably
Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development
Family Farms and U.S. Trade Policy - U.S. family farm leader speaks to European farmers , by Bill Christison, Brussels, Belgium / Chillicothe, Missouri, U.S.A. 
"Farmers have a tremendous amount to gain by working with environmental groups" -  Bill Christison, Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Impact of Globalization on Family Farm Agriculture - The increasing role of the multi-national corporations in controlling both the inputs and the marketing of our commodities jeopardizes our very existence. - Bill Christison, in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Rural Coalition Coalición Rural - U.S. - Mexico
The Super Market - On-Line Network Linking Organic Farmers and Farmworkers
Federation of Southern Cooperatives -   rural communities and African American farmers
H.O.M.E. Homeworkers Organized for More Employment
Old Farmers Almanac

SAFE-World Research Project February 2001, Centre for Environment and Society, University of Essex, SAFE-World Research --
> Reducing Food Poverty with Sustainable Agriculture: A Summary of New Evidence
> 47 Portraits of Sustainable Agriculture Projects and Initiatives, worldwide
> Sustainable Development for Local Economies "five capital assets in local economies: natural, social, human, physical and financial capital. A sustainable community or local economy accumulates these capital assets. An unsustainable one depletes them, spending capital as if it was income."
> Sustainable Rural Livelihoods:  Basic Concepts and Principles
> Sustainable Agriculture and the Local Economy
> Existing Forms of Sustainable Agriculture in Europe
> Genetic Modification: Overview of Benefits and Risks, history, analysis
> Externalities - the real costs


Seeds and plants   

New Golden Age of Gardening: the Living Treasure of Heirloom Seeds
Native Seeds/SEARCH
United Plant Savers - protecting native medicinal plants
Seed Savers Exchange
Interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva, In Motion Magazine - "The deeper you can manipulate living structures the more you can control food and medicine." 
Plants for a Future - Database, which currently consists of approximately 7000 species of plants. Researching and providing information on ecologically sustainable horticulture
Foraging and botanical databases etc
New crops, Exploration, Research, and Commercialization
Shepherd's Garden Seeds

    Drought tolerant varieties & heirlooms

Blue corn production and practices

     CSA Community Supported Agriculture   

CSA Resources For Farmers
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at USDA
Farmers Markets
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms by State
Farm-to-City Marketing Project/Patchwork Family Farms .pdf file (Acrobat)

    Biodynamic, organic

Ecology Action For the past 28 years, Ecology Action has been researching, developing and sharing millenia-old techniques for growing more food in a small area, using simple tools and seeds, while maintaining or increasing the health and productivity of the soil.  "Bringing the food supply closer to home is one of the most effective and powerful strategies we can use to create positive changes in our health, in the environment, in our society, and on this planet."
Bio-Dynamic Farming & Gardening Association
BD Now
Biodynamic Farming: When Spirit Infuses Matter
Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association
Suppliers of Organic, Non G-E, or Heirloom (O-P) Vegetable Seed
Organic Certification Organizations and Programs
Organic Farmer's Marketing Association
Organic Consumers Assoc  
Canadian Organic Growers Association
Organic food, farming, and seeds- Bioneers

    Food animal production

The Animal Welfare Institute to halt intensive farming practices
Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) food safety program to improve the welfare of farm animals, and eliminate the use of antibiotics as growth promoters
American Humane Association's Free Farmed labeling program for the humane treatment of farm animals.
GRACE Factory Farm Project public health hazards of factory farming

    Worms, vermiculture

Farm-Scale Composting Resource List
Worm Digest - Magazine about vermicomposting

    Books & periodicals

Thoreau: Life without Principle - an 1854 lecture evolved into this essay: Thoreau rails against a culture whose primary focus is financial.
Walking - Thoreau describes wilderness as a treasure to be preserved rather than a resource to be plundered
Soil and Health Library Steve Solomon, Tasmania, Australia
Farmers of Forty Centuries :  Or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan by F.H. King
Permaculture: A Designers' Manual by Bill Mollison
The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture by Wendell Berry - Argues that today's agribusiness takes farming out of its cultural context, and is destructive to the lives of farmers and to our culture as a whole.
Masanobu Fukuoka The Natural Way of Farming  The One-Straw Revolution
How to Grow More Vegetables : Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops by John Jeavons
Stolen Harvest : The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply by Vandana Shiva
Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge   by Vandana Shiva - A learned, clear and passionately stated objection to the ways in which Western businesses expropriate natural processes and traditional knowledge
Stone Age Farming - Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century
Signs of the Seasons - Life on the Rio Grande, Gordon Solberg, Radium Springs, New Mexico

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