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  World Maps & Statistics

Maps of The World
Political Leaders 1945-2000  
Elections around the world  
Map Resources
Quick Maps
Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift: Global Earth History
World statistics by country, E-conflict world encyclopedia, extensive by countries
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center
Crop Yield/Climate Database
Book:  State of the World 2000, the Worldwatch Institute
Acronyms of International Organizations


World Constitutions
UN - long listing of UN resources
Treaties, Conventions & Agreements
United Nations and Other International Documents
European Union extensive lists of resources
World Political Resources on the Net   Listings of political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world
Political Leaders 1945-2000  
Elections around the world  
Governments on the WWW: Multi-Governmental Organizations
Vatican  and Other Catholic Documents
List of government links worldwide
ETHNOLOGUE Languages of the World online
Atlapedia - world countries online, exhaustive
Worldwide secession movements
HOMELANDS Autonomy, Secession, Independence and Nationalist Movements
Select Documents on International Affairs
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   General - political issues
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United Nations and Other International Documents
Right-to-Know resources by country
World Data Center for Human Interactions in the Environment
World Scientists' Warning to Humanity
World Radiation Monitoring Centre
Action Without Borders, organizations by countries - Action Without Borders - Resources, organizations by continent and country
World map for country reports at Human Rights Watch  
Environmental pollution and degradation causes 40 percent of deaths worldwide, Cornell study finds

Global Grassroots Resistance Directory
The Big Picture, Michael Dowd
Global Issues 
Directory of NGOs in Official Relations with WHO   Poison Fire, Sacred Earth, record from The World Uranium Hearing, Salzburg 1992
Nativeweb indigenous nations index hot.gif (158 bytes)
Nativeweb geographic nations index
Immigration resources, Immigration Central
Anti-slavery today

Human rights, refugees by continent, country,
Disability resources by continent, country
Womens resources by continent, country
Jewish resources by continent, country
Indigenous resources by continent, country
Gay and Lesbian resources by continent

International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy: Guide to Internet Resources in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
United Nations International Drug Control Programme

  History - General

  See specific topics, regions
International Institute of Social History in The Netherlands
Global History Sourcebook
EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe
Book: A Green History of the World: The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations, by Clive Ponting - How exhaustion of resources doomed many past civilizations and how our civilization is consuming resources on a massive scale
Studying Ancient World Cultures
| Near East | India | Egypt | China |
| Greece | Rome | Islam | Europe |
Islamic History Sourcebook
Real History Archives  - world history from a working class perspective
International Institute of Social History
Repositories of Primary Sources - A listing of over 4500 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar
Radical history links
History Works - extensive US resources
Women in World History Curriculum
Eurocentrism and Western Civilization
Radical History Review
Archives of declassified Government Documents  
Michael Parenti: a concise history of American imperialism
Against Empire, Michael Parenti
Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II book by William Blum
History of the world economy
Western Civilization
Catastrophism & Chronology Links at Society for Interdisciplinary Studies  -
The Americas history resources
United Nations
History studies Northeastern University

   Topics, Regions, and Eras

  Past centuries
Quick Guide to the World History of Globalization
The historical chronology of modernity
Ancient History Sourcebook
Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies
Byzantine & Medieval Links Index
Medieval Sourcebook
Medieval Legal History
Modern History Sourcebook
Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Books: Ancient Civilizations
Books: Roman Wars
ORB Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Books:  Crusades of the Middle Ages
Medieval world, philosophy, events, people
Ancient world philosophy, events, people
Modern philosophy, events, people
Earth history
World History Archives 
Islamic Texts and Resources  
Bloodlines of the Grail
History of the world economy
Capitalism & the new world order
The South Sea Bubble
East India Company History 
The Levellers, Index to documents on the land rights activists in the 17th century England
The Cries of the Never Born: The Scottish Clearances
Land and Power in Britain, history, chronology, terms
Das Kapital on dispossession from the land chapter 27
Early history of New World domination, slavery, genocide   (see colonialism)
Mark Twain on War and Imperialism
Books:  Imperialism and War, BoondocksNet Editions
East Asian History Sourcebook
Indian History Sourcebook
Islamic History Sourcebook
Jewish History Sourcebook
Women's History Sourcebook
History of Science Sourcebook

  African-ethnic resources
African History Sourcebook
"The White Man's Burden" and Its Critics - extensive anthology links
The Black Man's Burden - The White Man in Africa from the Fifteenth Century to World War I
Black history in Africa
The Impact of the Centuries of Slave Trade on Africa
Black presence in  early Asian history, Middle East, India, China
Black  history pages on the Internet
Black slavery
Slave trade databases on cd
Books: Slave Trade in America, roots of the Civil War
Book: King Leopold's Ghost: Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa, by Adam Hochschild
  (SEE U.S. history, African diaspora, specific countries for minorities)

  20th Century
Institute For Historical Review
Journal of Historical Review
Revisionist history resources
Spanish Civil War of 1936 - extensive
Iraq, Gulf War
NATO in the Balkans
Holocausts in modern history
Palestinian occupation
Global corporate empire
Revisionism and Foreign Policy - A Revisionist Bibliography
  (SEE U.S. history)

  Regional History

World Environment
Latin America
Middle East- Eurasia


     "There is a danger in separating, or even ignoring, issues that are fundamentally related... There is a tendency for campaigning groups to over-specialise, or to address the symptoms, rather than the underlying causes, of societal and environmental breakdown. This tendency, if left unaddressed, could scupper attempts to oppose and supplant the current system of economic globalisation."
     -- John Pilger, in Private Planet

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