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  "There must be new contact between men and the earth; the earth must be newly seen and heard and felt and smelled and tasted; there must be a renewal of the wisdom that comes with knowing clearly the pain and the pleasure and the risk and the responsibility of being alive in this world."
  -- Wendell Berry

   "How do we go from the architect/constructor system to the architect- owner/builder system? One man cannot build a house, but ten men can build ten houses very easily, even a hundred houses. We need a system that allows the traditional way of cooperation to work in our society. We must subject technology and science to the economy of the poor and penniless. We must add the the aesthetic factor because the cheaper we build the more beauty we should add to respect man."
   -- Hassan Fathy



           Passive solar design

   A Simple Design Methodology for Passive Solar Architecture - the very best
   Passive Solar Design Guidelines for Northern New Mexico, New Mexico Solar Energy Association
   Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations NAHB
   Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
   ESB Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
   Perimeter Slab Insulation
   Sourcebook Passive Solar Guidelines
   Standard High Thermal Mass ("HTM") Floorplan
   Solar Air Collectors
   Energy Extension Service, New Mexico State University
   Design with Climate, solar
   Publications from EESNMSU
   Passive solar design  California Energy Commission
   Indirect gain and Trombe walls
   Direct gain
   Transpired solar collector
   Guide To Products & Services
   Passive Solar Design basics
   Passive Solar Design for the Home, DOE
   Sunspace basics, DOE
   Passive solar using suncharts and software
   Passive Solar Home Design Checklist, NCSU
   Sustainable design passive solar house consultation for the do-it-yourselfer
   Window Options for Passive Solar
   Insulating curtains at


  "The trouble with the rat race is, even if you win, you're still a rat"   -- Lily Tomlin

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