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  "There must be new contact between men and the earth; the earth must be newly seen and heard and felt and smelled and tasted; there must be a renewal of the wisdom that comes with knowing clearly the pain and the pleasure and the risk and the responsibility of being alive in this world."
  -- Wendell Berry

   "How do we go from the architect/constructor system to the architect- owner/builder system? One man cannot build a house, but ten men can build ten houses very easily, even a hundred houses. We need a system that allows the traditional way of cooperation to work in our society. We must subject technology and science to the economy of the poor and penniless. We must add the the aesthetic factor because the cheaper we build the more beauty we should add to respect man."
   -- Hassan Fathy



            Toilet waste systems

   How to Use a Sawdust Toilet
   Owner-built plans compared, UK
   Clivus Multrum composting toilet
   Humanure Handbook Contents
   Compost Toilet Message Board
   Toilet Alternatives:   References and Suppliers
   Composting Toilets in Greenbuilder Sourcebook
   Toilet Alternatives
   The Sunny John Moldering Toilet
   Earthship Biotecture, sewage & greywater
   Ecological Treatment Systems, UK
   Maintaining Conventional Septic Systems - University Of Kentucky

            Solar & solar electric, earthtubes & wind

   The Cost of a Remote Power System, SolarWindWorks
   Solar Water Heating, basics of different types, related links, from DOE
   Wind power resources, SolarWindWorks
   Solar Hot Water, Heating and Cooling Systems
   Passive Solar Water Heating
   Build Your Own Solar Water Heater - Alternative Technology Association, Australia
   Photovoltaic Systems
   Gas Water Heating Systems
   Energy Recovery Ventilator
   Energy Efficient Appliances 
   Solar Home & Solar Collector plans
   How to Build a Solar Hot Water System & A Homegrown Collector

             Masonry heaters & ovens, wood heat, other heat

   Masonry Heater Association of North America
   Masonry Stove Builders Links
   Chelsea Green - Build Your Own Earth Oven
   Improving Fireplace Efficiency
   Improved Cookstoves and Charcoal Production a series of book reviews from
   Hearth Net
   Chain Saw and Wood Splitting Safety
   Axe Information  Axe and Firewood information of all types
   Wood Heating Guide  Minnesota Dep. of Public Service
   Wood Heat  responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel
   Pellet Fuels Institute  Information and links, Wood Pellet Industry - All About Chimneys
   Homeowner's Guide To Chimneys, Fireplaces And Woodstoves online book
   Tips and techniques To make woodburning more enjoyable and effective
   Wood heat safety
   Keeping the Wood Smoke Out of Your Home 
   Firewood details &    How to split wood
   Burning wood efficiently
   More Woodstove Magic Vermont Weathervane
   CREST (center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
   The problem with outdoor air supplies  It seemed like such a good idea until it was tested. "Most building codes in North America require that woodburning equipment have a supply of combustion air provided from outside the dwelling.  These rules were put in place on the assumption that most smoke spillage from fireplaces (and stoves, furnaces and so on) is caused by their inability to "get enough air" and that the outdoor air supply would provide enough air and therefore reduce spillage."
   Kerosene heater safety
   Home Heating Systems, Care and Repair





  "The trouble with the rat race is, even if you win, you're still a rat"   -- Lily Tomlin

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