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   Earth building - general
   Rammed earth
   Cinva Ram - pressed block
   Clay & cob
   Timber, cordwood
   Healthy house - toxics
Water  survival, rainwater, constructed wetlands, gardens, greywater, well water
   Toilet waste systems
   Solar & solar electric
   Masonry heaters, ovens, wood
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   "How do we go from the architect/constructor system to the architect- owner/builder system? One man cannot build a house, but ten men can build ten houses very easily, even a hundred houses. We need a system that allows the traditional way of cooperation to work in our society. We must subject technology and science to the economy of the poor and penniless. We must add the the aesthetic factor because the cheaper we build the more beauty we should add to respect man."
   -- Hassan Fathy



    Water, rainwater, constructed wetlands, water gardens, greywater

   Gravity water pressure systems, water storage, pressure tanks, from EPA
   Water Conservation in the Home - Centre For Alternative Technology, UK
   Emergency Drinking Water Supplies (storage, purification, emergency water sources) - NCSU
   Basic Survival Rainwater Filter System
   Clean Drinking Water In An Emergency - American Red Cross Bay Area
   Rainwater & greywater resources
   home water supply How To Find, Filter, Store And Conserve It
   Rainwater harvesting sources
   Harvested Rainwater Guidelines
   Rainwater harvesting is enjoying a renaissance of sorts in Texas
   Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Montana
   Rainwater & Harvesting System
   American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association
   Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment and Wildlife Habitat
   Constructed wetlands
   Constructed wetland at Sustainable Settings
   Greywater at
   Greywater topics, extensive links at
   Create an Oasis with Greywater, book
   Compendium of Greywater Mistakes and Misinformation on the Web
   Builder's Greywater Guide, book
   Branched Drain Greywater Systems  Guide, book
   Greywater Synopsis
   Alternative greywater systems & ponds, from Humanure Handbook
   Greywater recycling filter basins and graywater irrigation systems
   Indoor Gray Water Reuse,Cascading, Gray Water Heat Recovery, and Rainwater Harvesting
   Making use of waste water
   Earthship Biotecture, sewage & greywater
   Gardening and landscaping greywater designs
   Greywater info at Greenbuilder Sourcebook
   Drip Systems: 10 Pretty Good Ideas
   Bleach Bottle Watering System - Kid's Valley Garden
   Build Your Own Solar Water Heater - Alternative Technology Association, Australia
   Drilling Water Wells
   A Spiral Waterwheel Pump - Alternative Technology Association, Australia
   Solar Power Your Fish Pond - Alternative Technology Association, Australia
   Koi & Pond Net
   Creating A Water Garden - IPCC, Ireland
   Water Wells ...that last for generations Table of Contents, Canada
   Lifewater Drilling & Well Construction Manual Water Well Tutorial, Canada
   Water Tips Projects Conservation storage purification heating
   Virginia Farmstead Assessment Worksheet - Well and Spring Management
   Water webring sites list
   USGS -- Water Resources of the United States

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