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Agriculture- general
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Irrigation and water
Fertilizers & supplies
Food publications
  SEE specific food plants
   The Idea of a Local Economy, Wendell Berry
   9 Keys to sustainable agriculture
   Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
   Reports on Organic Agriculture Worldwide, IFOAM
   Sustainable Farming and Food Systems as a Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development in the mountains of North Carolina
   Arid-land Industrial Crops Purdue U
fukuoka1.jpg (6882 bytes)   Green Belt Southern Europe - Masanobu Fukuoka (SEE Permaculture)
   Cover Crop and Forage Seed Sources
   UC SAREP Cover Crop Resource Page U of California Davis
   Irrigation for Fruit and Vegetable Production  Penn State U
   Cato, "On Farming", full text
   National Agricultural Library, USDA
   Root Development of Field Crops. Weaver, John E.   New York: McGraw Hill, 1926. full text online
   Farmers of Forty Centuries: or Traditional Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan. King, F.H., 1911.
   Alternative Agriculture-Related Internet Sites and Documents -- MOTHER LODE
   Sustainable Farming Connection
   Agriculture categories at
   Core Historical Literature of Agriculture - More than 800 archived books from the early 1800s to the mid-1900s.
   American Farmland Trust
   Calculators of all kinds, Measurements, Conversion Units; Calculations Useful
   Federation of Southern Cooperatives -   rural communities and African American farmers
   State depts agriculture, US
   Holistic radical Agriculture Library Index
   Henderson, George. Farmer's Progress: A Guide to Farming .pdf file
   Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
   The Cornell Biological Control Guide
   HortiPlex Plant Database Info Images and Links on Thousands of Plants
   Sustainable Practices for Vegetable Production in the South North Carolina State U

     Agriculture Law

   Legal research articles on agricultural enterprises, at U of Arkansas School of Law
   American Agricultural Law Association (AALA)
   Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC)
   National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA)
   Congressional Research Service Agriculture Reports
   Graduate Program in Agricultural Law, University of Arkansas
   Agricultural Law Center, Drake University School of Law

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