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   Several papers by John Ikerd, University of Missouri, about environmentally and economically sustainable family farming.
   GRACE factory farm project
cover-bymg.jpg (8732 bytes)   Backyard Market Gardening: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling What You Grow
   The "Diversify Crops to Boost Profits and Stewardship" Bulletin for farmers and agricultural educators is a primer on planning diversification with alternative crops, agroforestry, and cover crops.
   Livestock diversification USDA
   Value-added products, on-farm processing USDA
   Income Generation Using Alternative Crops U of Nebraska
   List of Alternative Crops & Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification
   Phytomedicines as a New Crop Opportunity  Purdue U
   New Crops for Canadian Agriculture
   Small Farm Center U of California
   Great Places to Find Information about Farming Alternatives USDA
   Small Farm Today The Original How-to Magazine of Alternative and Traditional Crops, Livestock, and Direct Marketing
cover-fff.jpg (9287 bytes)   Family Friendly Farming:  A Multigenerational Home-Based Business Testament
   Resource List for Marketing Alternative Crops U of Nebraska
   Alternative Farming Systems Information Center USDA
   Small Fruit and Vegetable Alternatives, Penn State U The herb growing & marketing network.
   Alternative Crop Publications   North Dakota State U
   UK: Sustainable Agriculture and the Local Economy, local production for local consumption
   The New Crop Resource Online Program, Center for New Crops and Plant Products, Purdue U
   Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
   Appropriate Technology for Small and Subsistence Farms UC Davis
   Australian New Crops Project
   Missouri Alternative Center Includes a database of full-text Extension publications on alternatives
   SARE tip sheets, Farming for Profit, Stewardship & Community SARE has funded more than 1,400 projects looking at ways to farm more sustainably
   UK: 47 Portraits of Sustainable Agriculture Projects and Initiatives, worldwide
   UK: Sustainable Development for Local Economies "five capital assets in local economies: natural, social, human, physical and financial capital. A sustainable community or local economy accumulates these capital assets. An unsustainable one depletes them, spending capital as if it was income."
   UK: Existing Forms of Sustainable Agriculture in Europe
   Sustainable Farming Connection
   Sustainable Farming and Food Systems as a Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development in the mountains of North Carolina
   Sustainable Agriculture in Europe and Germany
   Resources from the Sustainable Agriculture Network
   Sustainable Agriculture web sites list at USDA
   Sustainable agriculture many links at
   The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
   Use of Native Grasses for Grassland Restoration and Maintenance in Canada  Purdue U

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