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   Compost teaCurrent Trends at Soilfoodweb lab
   Understanding Compost Tea
   Humus: Still a Mystery
   SFI July 2002 ezine .pdf file

   Ecologically Sound Nitrogen Management
   "Growing Soil": establishing sustainable native plant growth on drastically disturbed soils in harsh environments
   Mycorrhiza & Mycorrhiza Information Exchange UK
   The Mycorrhiza Project
   ABC ORGANICS Crop Research Foundation
   Soil types, Netgardeners UK
   Soil regeneration,
   "Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration". Soils and Men: USDA Yearbook of Agriculture, 1938.
   Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants. Krasil'nikov, N.A., Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow 1958. full text online
   Making compost, Homestore Canada
   Composting for Home Gardens [PDF]PDF Format North Carolina State U

   The Dirt Doctor - Howard Garrett
   Soil and Health Library Steve Solomon, Tasmania, AU
   "Leaf Thief" The Master Composter
   Farm-Scale Composting Resource List
   Worm Digest - Magazine about vermicomposting
   Vermicomposting, New Mexico State University
   Vermicomposting forum GardenWeb
   Home Composting Forum
   Vermicomposting Forum
   Worm Digest, everything you ever needed to know about vermicomposting
   Worm Farms, list of commercial suppliers of compost worms
   Compost resource page at & Forums
   Woods End Research Laboratory -- Extensive compost and soil analyses, including an inexpensive compost maturity and soil microbial respiration test kits.
   Cornell Composting -- Master composters and novices alike will appreciate this site's explanation of the composting process and helpful management tips. Includes easy-to-use forms for calculating an ideal mix.
   Compost and Manure Links
   The Compost Resource Page -- Covers the full range from home and garden composting to vermiculture to large-scale operations
   Soil science resources at
   The Humanure Handbook
   Compost Toilet Message Board  
   Mulches for Gardens and Landscapes New Mexico State U
   Soil, Compost & Mulch forum GardenWeb
   Bitterroot Reclamation
   Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Gardens[PDF]PDF Format North Carolina State U
   Composting at Journeytoforever
   Care and maintainance of algae ponds

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