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Food publications
  SEE specific food plants
   Calculating how much to plant
   Gardening for Food Security - Information, Publications, & Internet Links
from Cortesia Sanctuary & Center
   Giannangelo Farms Southwest, & CDs on gardening and growth
   BOOK:  Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach
   Hardiness Zone Maps US, Rainfall Chart, Texas
   Vegetable Garden Seed Storage and Germination Requirements U of Nebraska
   Plants Database at Dave's Garden
   Vegetable planting guide & Vegetable Gardening Basics,
   Harvesting Vegetables [PDF]PDF Format North Carolina State U
   Commercial vegetable production U of Florida
   Holistic radical Agriculture Library Index
   Gardening By the Phases of the Moon
   Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
   The Cornell Biological Control Guide
   HortiPlex Plant Database Info Images and Links on Thousands of Plants
   What is organic gardening? from Giannangelo Farms Southwest
   Wholesome Food Association, promoting smaller-scale, sustainable food production
   The Spirit of Gardening Quotations, Poetry, and History for Gardeners and Lovers of the Green Way, Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo
   Gardening resources by state, US
   Gardening software, UK
   The Gardening Launch Pad, many categories of resources
   Drip Systems: 10 Pretty Good Ideas
   Bleach Bottle Watering System - Kid's Valley Garden
   Many topics at
   Vegetable Gardening forum at Gardenweb
   Bioneers and Kenny Ausubel
   Organic food, farming, and seeds- Bioneers
   The Dirt Doctor - Howard Garrett
   Organic Consumers Assoc  
   The Dirt Doctor - Howard Garrett
   On A Green Mountain with Masanobu Fukuoka
   Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening the classic updated
   Organic gardening forum Gardenweb
   Farmers Markets
   National Gardening Association regional reports by zones - culinary herb guiderecipe search
   Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms by State SEE CSA
Old Farmers Almanac
   Bio-Dynamic Farming & Gardening Association
   BD Now
   Arboretums and Botanic Gardens by state
   Organic Gardening magazine
   Greenhouse & Hydroponic Vegetable Production Resources on the Internet
   American Community Gardening Association
   Gardenweb forums, by topic, plants, title, type of garden - extensive
   The HortiPlex searchable database
   Soil and Health Library Steve Solomon, Tasmania, AU
   Gardening at Cornell
   Virtual Library Gardening Links
   The Simple Living Network• Simplicity Resource Database - Gardening & Farming
   Deer defenses & specifics
   Wildflowers and Native Plants by Region
   Gardenguides index of articles
   Virginia Farmstead Assessment System Worksheet
   Weather and Your Garden - everything you wanted to know about weather and your garden, from soil and air temperatures to frost dates and predictions, humidity and precipitation forecasts for your area
   Bioneers - restoring the Earth
   The Bioneers Declarations of Interdependence  by Kenny Ausubel
   Gardening by subject, climate, regions
   High Altitude Gardening
   Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico, New Mexico State U
   High Desert Gardens -
   Low Desert Gardening -
   Vegetable production in Saskatchewan
   Gardening in Ireland-
   Gardening in the Heartland US -
   Northern Gardening -
   Gardening in Northern New England -
   English Town Gardening -
   Tasmanian Garden Journal Australia  -
   Organic Gardening From Down Under, Brisbane, Australia
   Herb Gardening -
   The Enabling Garden -Gardening both indoors and out is not only an option, but good for you, even if you're disabled, or aging. -
   Regional advisors, from The Vegetable Patch, US, UK, Australia
   Common Plant Problems in Kansas  Kansas State U
   GardenWeb Australia
   GardenWeb Europe
   Giardinaggio in Italia
   I Can Garden (Canada)
   Jardineria en Español
   Trädgårdsskötsel i Sverige
   GardenWeb Regional Forums, US
   Home Vegetable Gardening North Carolina State U
   Kitchen garden forums, GardenWeb
   Asian Vegetables , GardenWeb
   Garden Design
   Growing Cucumbers, Peppers, Squash And Tomatoes In Containers
   Container Vegetable Gardening[PDF]PDF Format North Carolina State U
   No ground? Use containers

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