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  dot-4cnr.gif (941 bytes) Soil pH

   Acid or alkaline soil, modifying pH, Homestore Canada
   Soil pH at Smith & Hawken
   Relationship Of Soil pH To Nutrient Availability
   Soil pH: What it Means
   Soil and pH
   Alkaline soils and calcium carbonate
   pH of growing media, Cornell
   How to adjust the soil pH in your garden
   Alkalinity, peat, Copperas, etc

  dot-4cnr.gif (941 bytes) Irrigation and water

   Irrigation for Fruit and Vegetable Production  Penn State U
   Gardening without irrigation (Or not much anyway), online text of the complete book
    SEE ALSO Water survival, rainwater, constructed wetlands, water gardens, greywater, well water

  dot-4cnr.gif (941 bytes) Fertilizers & commercial supplies

   Plant Nutrients 101, Gardeners.com
Ecologically Sound Nitrogen Management
   Organic fertilizers at nuscience.com
   Organic Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Guide, Extremelygreen.com
   Organic Guanos and Blends, gardenallyear.com
   Whole Organic Catalog
   Totally Organic
   Organic versus Synthetic Fertilizers, Gardeners.com
   List of gardening catalogs
   1619 garden source suppliers
   Gardennet.com Gardening Information & Shopping Directory

  dot-4cnr.gif (941 bytes) Greenhouses

   Building A Solar Heated Pit Greenhouse, Country Wisdom Bulletin. paperback
   A study of solar heated greenhouses
   Passive Solar Greenhouse - Steve Moore
   Attached greenhouses - sustainable irrigation and building practices
   Greenhouse Gardener's Companion - materials & thermal mass numbers
   Sundance Supply Polycarbonate Greenhouses
   Composting Greenhouse with Straw Bale Foundation
   Solar Gardening: Growing Vegetables Year-Round the Intensive Way
   free pvc greenhouse plans
   Green House Design
   Hobby Greenhouse Association
   Hydrofarm "the nation's oldest and largest maker of hydroponics and grow lights"  and other hydroponic links

  dot-4cnr.gif (941 bytes) container gardening

   Growing Cucumbers, Peppers, Squash And Tomatoes In Containers
   Container Vegetable Gardening[PDF]PDF Format North Carolina State U
   No ground? Use containers
     SEE specific food plants

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