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fukuoka1.jpg (6882 bytes)   The Fukuoka Farming Website, Dedicated to exploring Masanobu Fukuoka's revolutionary method of sustainable agriculture, site of the Fukuoka discussion list
   Books by Fukuoka, in English at information about making and using seedballs, especially for ecosystem restoration/alteration, as well as other useful Fukuoka-related information

  dot-4cnr.gif (941 bytes) Permaculture

   The Permaculture Magazine Information Service
   Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute
   Introduction to Permaculture
   Yankee Permaculture Publications
   No-Till Gardening
   Permaculture resources worldwide
   Re-earthing the Cities
   Permaculture trees source directory  SEE Permaculture
   Permaculture in Iowa
   Permaculture In Mexico
   Permaculture forum GardenWeb

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   What is organic gardening? from Giannangelo Farms Southwest
   Reports on Organic Agriculture Worldwide, IFOAM
   Ecology Action researching, developing and sharing millenia-old techniques for growing more food in a small area, using simple tools and seeds, while maintaining or increasing the health and productivity of the soil.  "Bringing the food supply closer to home is one of the most effective and powerful strategies we can use to create positive changes in our health, in the environment, in our society, and on this planet."
   Organic Gardening From Down Under, Brisbane, Australia
   Bio-Dynamic Farming & Gardening Association
   BD Now
   Biodynamic Farming: When Spirit Infuses Matter
   Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association
   Suppliers of Organic, Non G-E, or Heirloom (O-P) Vegetable Seed
   Organic Certification Organizations and Programs
   Organic Farmer's Marketing Association
   Organic Consumers Assoc  
   Canadian Organic Growers Association
   Organic food, farming, and seeds- Bioneers
   Organic Vegetable Guru
   Organic NetRing site list
   Integrated Pest Management IPM
   Bio-integral Resource Center for IPM

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