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   Links to Seeds, germplasm, biodiversity
   Eastern Native Seed Conservancy
   Enhancing and Maintaining Genetic Resources On-Farm, worldwide
   Ethiopia- Indigenous knowledge, agriculture, landrace seeds and genetic biodiversity research
   A catalog of catalogs, 208 to be exact
   Native Seed Search seedlisting
   Rescuing Traditional Food Crops, by Kent Whealy Director, Seed Savers Exchange
   Seeds of Change the original and largest 100% organic seed company
   New Golden Age of Gardening: the Living Treasure of Heirloom Seeds
   Heirlooms etc at
   Baker Creek heirloom seeds
   Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, US & Canadian sites
   Cottage Gardener heirloom vegetable seed
   Rodale Institute the one and only
   Native Seeds/SEARCH
   United Plant Savers - protecting native medicinal plants
   Seeds of Texas Seed Exchange
   Irish Seed Savers Association
   Abundant Life Seed Foundation
   Internationl Seed Saving Institute
   eSEED Exchange
   Gardening advice by climates and regions
   Desert gardening articles
   Corn in desert conditions
   Blue corn production and practices
   New Golden Age of Gardening: the Living Treasure of Heirloom Seeds
   Seed Savers Exchange
   Plants for a Future - Database 7000 species of plants, ecologically sustainable horticulture
   Foraging and botanical databases etc

   Desert Sun Marketing  - procurement and development of turfgrass, pasture, farm, and range seeds, for seed used in the arid and tropical regions, including Native SeedsFarm/Pasture Seeds
   Lost Crops of the Incas Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation
GPNabhan.gif (12811 bytes)   Gary Paul Nabhan Native Seeds/SEARCH cofounder, Author, COMING HOME TO EAT: The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods, The Desert Smells Like Rain, Gathering the Desert, Enduring Seeds - Native American Agriculture and Wild Plant Conservation

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