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Food publications
  SEE specific food plants

   Preservation list of .pdf files - Utah State U.
   Preserving Food Safely, comprehensive - Michigan State U.
   Famine foods, Purdue U.
   Bulk Food Storage
   Safe Water Storage Utah State U
   A guide to growing, storing and preparing vegetables
   Food preparedness information, Stan/Holly Deyo
   Basics for Canning Vegetables OSU
   Storage & emergency backup resources
   Food Safety and Food Preservation
   Freezing Basil Pesto from Organic Guru Down Under
   Easy Tomato Freezing   from Organic Guru Down Under
   How To Prepare, Make & Store Jerky
   Dehydrating foods, U of Missouri
   Return of the Root Cellar
   Food Safety After Disasters North Carolina State U

   Vegetable recipe index at Farm Fresh to You this is the best
   Tudocs "The Ultimate Directory Of Cooking Sites"
   Functions of Baking Ingredients
   Metric Conversion Tools - Helpful tool for converting recipes using metric system. Includes various weights, volumes, and temperature conversion calculators
   The Baker's Bookshelf
   Books food and cooking online texts
   Solar Cooking Archive
   Solar Oven, Build It!
   The Bread Bakers Guild of America
   Food Standards   IATP listserv archive
   Recipe exchange Gardenweb forum
   RecipeSource Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
   Index of recipes, herbal foods, at
   Cooking Gardenweb forum
   Epicurious, world's greatest recipe collection
   Gluten free safe and unsafe
   Food products from Native Seed Search
   Seasoning and Caring for cast iron cookware
   Use of herbs in cooking USDA
   Cooking Basics for Campers
   Growing and Using Sprouts
   City Farmer: Sprouting at Home
   DolceVita, Italian cuisine
   Equivalents for Measuring
   Ingredients Substitutions in emergencies


   The Home Wine, Beer, and Cheesemaking Shop
   Cheesemaking at
   The Basics of Making Cheese from Cheesemaking in Scotland
   FoodHowTo's Cheese Making Pages
   GourmetSleuth - Cheese Making Recipes & Other Cheese Making Resources - Links to hundreds more cheese related sites
   Wisconsin Cheese Guide
   DolceVita, cheese in Italian cooking
   Winemakers Emporium, grapes - "the most informative winemaking site in the world"
   Winemaking from Texas
   Bean Sprouts and Other Vegetable Seed Sprouts [PDF]PDF Format North Carolina State U
    SEE Herbs below


   Index of Poisonous Plants at


   Veg Web
   Macrobiotics America - News, articles, recipes, health advice
   One Peaceful World - Macrobiotic Resources from the Kushi Institute
   Macrobiotic Reference Network - macrobiotic resources from around the world
   Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants Around theWorld
   Guide to vegetarian organizations in North America
   The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
   Vegetarian exchange Gardenweb forum

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