Food Publications
    Food Publications 

cover-bymg.jpg (8732 bytes)   Backyard Market Gardening: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling What You Grow
   Permaculture Magazine
   Small Farm Today, The Original How-to Magazine of Alternative and Traditional Crops, Livestock, and Direct Marketing—Established 1984
   Dry Country News,  Radium Springs, NM
   Backwoods Home Magazine
   Successful Small-Scale Farming Karl Schwenke, 1991
   Gardening Without Work By Ruth Stout
   Soil Biology Primer Soil Quality Institute
   People's Farming Workbook Environmental and Development Agency Trust, David Philip, Cape Town, South Africa, 1995
   Amaranth to Zai Holes: ideas for growing food under difficult conditions by Laura S. Meitzner and Martin L. Price, 1996, ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization).
   MetroFarm: The Guide to Growing a Big Profit on a Small Parcel of Land Michael Olson, 1994
   How to Grow More Vegetables : Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops by John Jeavons
   Simple Food for the Good Life, by Helen Nearing
   Five acres and independence: a practical guide to the selection and management of the small farm Maurice Grenville Kains, 1935
   Ten Acres Enough: The Small Farm Dream is Possible  entire text online, by Lynn R Miller, Ralph C Miller, Edmund Morris, 1864, 2nd Edition 1996
   Small Farm Handbook, Small Farm Program at UC Davis
   Grow It! -- The Beginner's Complete In-Harmony-With-Nature Small Farm Guide -- From Vegetable and Grain Growing to Livestock Care by Richard W. Langer and Susan McNeill
327.jpg (7689 bytes)   Gathering the Desert, Gary Paul Nabhan
   Food Plants of the Sonoran Desert, Wendy C Hodgson
   Smallholders, Householders: Farm Families and the Ecology of Intensive, Sustainable Agriculture UK, Cambridge by Robert McC. Netting, 1993, Stanford University Press, -- A detailed analysis of the livelihoods of farmers practising intensive, diversified and sustainable agriculture. Focuses on small farms in areas of dense population around the world. Well-researched ethnographic review of agricultural practices and their social and economic aspects, many examples showing how intensive, diversified farming systems are often efficient and sustainable alternatives to modern chemical and fossil-fuel dependent agriculture.
   Making Your Small Farm Profitable  Ron Macher, 1999
   Sell What You Sow! The Grower's Guide To Successful Produce Marketing,  Eric Gibson, 1993
   Bioneers - restoring the Earth
   Countryside & Small Stock Journal -- The Magazine of Modern Homesteading
   The Smallfarming Revolution -- New beginnings in rural New Zealand Ian and Dianne Grant, 1998
   The Small Farm Resource
   Country Smallholding -- Britain's Smallholding Site
   Holistic radical Agriculture Library Index LOTS of books online
   Farmers of Forty Centuries: or Traditional Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan. King, F.H., 1911. full text online
   Root Development of Field Crops. Weaver, John E.   New York: McGraw Hill, 1926. full text online
   Howard's books, The Dirt Doctor
   Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants. Krasil'nikov, N.A., Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow 1958. full text online
   Tree Crops: a Permanent Agriculture. Smith, J. Russell.  1929.
   Howard's books, The Dirt Doctor
   Small Farms Library - Journey to Forever
   The Natural Way of Farming  The One-Straw Revolution
cover-fff.jpg (9287 bytes)   Family Friendly Farming:  A Multigenerational Home-Based Business Testament
   Garden by the moon, Organic Pathways, New Zealand
   Thoreau: Life without Principle - an 1854 lecture evolved into this essay: Thoreau rails against a culture whose primary focus is financial.
   Walking - Thoreau describes wilderness as a treasure to be preserved rather than a resource to be plundered
   Soil and Health Library Steve Solomon, Tasmania, Australia
   Farmers of Forty Centuries :  Or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan by F.H. King
   Permaculture: A Designers' Manual by Bill Mollison
   The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture by Wendell Berry - Argues that today's agribusiness takes farming out of its cultural context, and is destructive to the lives of farmers and to our culture as a whole.
   Cornucopia: A source Book of Edible Plants, Purdue
   Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables: A Commonsense Guide
   Stolen Harvest : The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply by Vandana Shiva
   Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge   by Vandana Shiva - A learned, clear and passionately stated objection to the ways in which Western businesses expropriate natural processes and traditional knowledge
   Dynamic Farmers' Marketing: A Guide to Successfully Selling Your Farmers' Market Products
   Stone Age Farming - Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century
   Masanobu Fukuoka The Natural Way of Farming  The One-Straw Revolution
   The Pacific Northwest Plant Locator  A sourcebook for over 20,000 plants, listed alphabetically by botanical name, found at over 100 retail nurseries in Oregon and Washington.
   Lindsay Books, a great publisher of incredible how-to books

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