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   Co-ops of all kinds listing at CSF
   In the Eyes of the Law, Legal Issues Associated with Direct Farm Marketing U of Minnesota
   Farmers' Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities PDF file
Neil D. Hamilton, Professor, Drake University Law School, Director, Agricultural Law Center

This study examines the structure and operation of farmers' markets in the United States, giving special attention to the legal and regulatory issues that may shape their operation. By looking at the rules and regulations markets use and by considering issues markets experience, it is possible to identify the most important challenges vendors and managers of markets may face. The goal of this article is to provide a resource that will be valuable for farmers considering a farmers' market, to vendors now selling at farmers' markets, to the organizers and managers who run markets, and to those thinking about creating new markets.

"... One group of people with a special affinity for America's farmers markets are the nation's chefs. As more chefs come to appreciate the value of locally-grown food, regional specialties, and seasonal produce, they are finding that farmers' markets are an invaluable source of high quality ingredients for their menus. As a result, in many cities local chefs are among the biggest proponents and supporters of the markets."
   Start Your own Farmers Market
   Book:  Dynamic Farmers' Marketing: A Guide to Successfully Selling Your Farmers' Market Products
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   Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at USDA
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   "10 Reasons to Buy Local Foods" from Center for Sustainable Environments, Flagstaff, AZ
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